Regions Chart and Written Response

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Lesson 2.01: Industrialization Changes America

02.01 Regions Chart and Written Response

The Second Industrial Revolution affected the regions of the United States differently. Use this chart to compare the effects of the revolution on the North, South, West, and Midwest. In the chart, you will identify the political, social, economic, population, and transportation changes that the revolution brought to each region.

Part 1 – Complete the following chart using information from the lesson.

Regions Chart
















Economic or Type of Economy





Population Change










Part 2 – Respond to the following prompt in a well-developed paragraph of your own words. Be sure to include social, political and economic factors in your response and fully address all parts of the prompt.

Explain how the Second Industrial Revolution affected the North, South, West, and Midwest. Which region would you have preferred to live in during this period? Why

The Big Ideas

What is the difference between the First Industrial Revolution and the Second Industrial Revolution?

How did the development of railroads affect the country?


Andrew Carnegie- (How did he, and other entrepreneurs affect the country?)

Newly-freed African Americans and Immigrants – (What part did they play in the Industrial Revolution?)

Events (Describe the event, its causes and effects)

Completion of Transcontinental Railroad

Growth of Cities

Invention of the Bessemer Process

Vocabulary (fill in effects from the lesson where possible or put the definition in your own words)

Bessemer Process – a method of removing impurities from pig iron to produce molten steel


First Industrial Revolution – period of late 18th century and early 19th century industrialization mostly in Great Britain that began revolutionizing the coal, iron, and textile industries


Second Industrial Revolution – period of great economic, social, and political change that accompanied industrialization and urbanization in the United States following the Civil War


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