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Jason Marr


(206) 949-3665


Titus Andronicus Bassianus, First Goth Seattle Shakespeare Company David Quicksall

Mother Courage and Her Children Young Soldier, Lieutenant Seattle Shakespeare Company Jeff Steitzer

Humble Boy Felix Seattle Public Theater Marcus Goodwin Two Gentlemen of Verona Proteus Wooden O David Quicksall

Witness for the Prosecution Leonard Vole Theatre Anonymous Shawn Belyea

Twelfth Night Fabian Shakespeare Santa Cruz Marco Barricelli

The Pitmen Painters Oliver ACT Theatre Kurt Beattie

Spokesong Francis Seattle Public Theater Tim Hyland TheMousetrap U/S for Trotter, Giles, Wren Village Theatre Jeff Steitzer

Taming of the Shrew Tranio Island Stage Left Helen Machin-Smith

The Callers (Musical Premiere) Barry Washington Ensemble Theatre Andrew Russell

Richard II Bagot Seattle Shakespeare Company Rosa Joshi

Antony and Cleopatra Philo, Scarus Seattle Shakespeare Company John Langs

Hamlet Guildenstern Seattle Shakespeare Company John Langs

Sense and Sensibility Edward Ferrars, Robert Ferrars Book-It Repertory Makaela Pollock

House of the Spirits (Premiere) Jaime Book-It Repertory Myra Platt

Henry V Scroop, Salisbury Shakespeare Theatre Company David Muse

Richard II Bushy Shakespeare Theatre Company Michael Kahn

Henry V Henry Harlequin Productions Scot Whitney

Rosencrantz and Guild. Are Dead Rosencrantz Harlequin Productions Scot Whitney

The Lonesome West Father Welsh Harlequin Productions Scot Whitney

Catch 22 Chaplain, Psychiatrist, Arfy Theater Schmeater Josh Beerman

Joyful Noise Bishop Egerton Taproot Theatre Scott Nolte

Emilie Gentlemen ArtsWest Susanna Wilson

Troilus and Cressida Diomedes Sound Theatre Company Teresa Thuman

Born Yesterday Paul Secondstory Repertory Susanna Wilson

Jack and the Beanstalk (Musical) Jack Thistle Theatre Jean Enticknap

Henry V Henry GreenStage Linda Lombardi

Henry IV, Parts I & II Hal GreenStage Linda Lombardi

Troilus and Cressida Troilus (Fight Captain) GreenStage David Nochimson

Macbeth Malcolm GreenStage Ken Holmes

Comedy of Errors Antipholus of Ephesus GreenStage Tom Smith

Richard III Dorset (Understudy Richmond) North Carolina Shakespeare Fest. Louis Rackoff

As You Like It William (Understudy Touchstone) North Carolina Shakespeare Fest. Louis Rackoff


  • M.F.A. Classical Acting: Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University

  • B.F.A. Acting and Directing: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro


  • Acting: Michael Kahn, Gary Logan, Edward Gero, David Muse, Floyd King, Jim Wren, John Gulley, Rob Clare

  • Voice/Speech: Belinda Boyd, Ellen O’Brien, Gary Logan

  • Movement/Alexander: Roberta Stiehm, Marsha Paludan, Chris Cherry

  • Stage Combat: Brad Waller, Geof Alm

  • Mask/Clown: Isabelle Anderson, Dody Disanto, Matthew R. Wilson

  • Improvisation: Unexpected Productions, Completed Class Levels 100-400

  • Coaching: Jessica Marlowe-Goldstein, Laurence Ballard, Carol Roscoe, Veronica Weikel, Steve Mitchell

  • Vocal Coaching: Kimberly Dare, Scot Warrender, Kim Maguire, Christopher Littlefield, Erich Parce


Dialects ­(­­­­­­IPA Proficient), Singing (Baritone, Range: F2-G4), Voice-Over Talent (Demo Available), Guitar, Beat Box, Spanish, Reiki, SAFD Certified Actor/Combatant (Unarmed, Knife, Broadsword, Rapier and Dagger, Quarterstaff)

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