Regional Development Alliance, Inc

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Regional Development Alliance, Inc.

2300 N. Yellowstone

Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401

208-528-9400 phone 208-528-9500 fax


Quarterly Report 7/1/05 – 9/30/05

Company Name: Jefferson County Economic Development

Company Address: P.O. Box 275 Rigby, ID 83442

Contact Person: John Hart, Director

Telephone Number: 208-745-0868

Quarterly performance reports are required by the State of Idaho’s agreement with the Regional

Development Alliance (RDA). In order to satisfy the requirements of the agreement, the following items related to your project are requested.

Please provide detailed information regarding the progress of your project during the quarter. Include all pertinent data. All information should apply only to projects funded by the RDA.
The quarters end on: March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31. The RDA will contact you each quarter regarding the due dates for your reports.

The following attachments are required and must be included with your quarterly report.

1. Itemized list of any personal property exceeding $1,000 in value acquired by RDA funds.

Include the following:

1. Quarterly Financial Statement

2. Statement of Cash Flow

3. Balance Sheet

4. Profit and Loss Statement

5. Projected Budget for expenditures for upcoming quarter


Include the following:

1. Balance Sheet

2. Profit & Loss Statement

3. Statement of Cash Flow and Activities

**Submit statements that only apply to RDA funds.

(Describe performance of project, including problems and concerns)

Items Completed:

- met with business owners, managers and civic leaders in the county, and establish relationships.

- took a county wide tour to get to know the entire region, see the economic resources, meet with business owners and managers.
-redesigned the JCED web site. Looked at acquiring the domain of JCED.ORG to simplify access to our web information on the internet. Gained access to the web server from CAI who currently manages the information in order to make regular updates of information as necessary.
-began developing new marketing concepts for Jefferson County.
-met with the Regional Coordinating Council and Tim Solomon of RDA.
-began drafting a Master Plan for Mud Lake Fairgrounds – met with local contacts and participants
-completed plan and proposal draft for the new downtown revitalization project in conjunction with Chamber, downtown merchants, Mayor and City.
- published the brochure for marketing Jefferson County Landfill and mailed out to all county commissioners in a 200 mile radius.
-currently participating in the following groups and organizations:

-Regional Coordinating Council

-IEDA (Idaho Economic Development Association)

-IEDC (International Economic Development Council)

- Snake River Candle Co. was encouraged to stay local rather than go to Idaho Falls. They have opened up their new storefront on Main Street in Rigby.
- Application research and preparation was started with Floral Classics, Inc. to apply for an RDA grant to finish an expansion and renovation project.
- $2000 grant was awarded for community development project at Jefferson (Rigby) Lake. We also continue to work with the local committee and the Commissioners on the Master Plan and other developments. The commissioners are in the process of creating a Recreation Board for the County – which would work closely with citizens on other community development projects related to tourism. The commissioners are selecting those members, and we hope to have our first Recreation Board meeting by the end of November 2005.

Goals for next quarter:

- assemble list of candidates for an expanded Board of Directors. Approve list with current board. Begin meeting with candidates.

- meet with all financing partners and local institutions to establish better contacts and network of funding resources.
- work with Jeff Bennett of RDA in securing a site, anchor tenents, and funding partnerships for a new 25,000 sq ft business center in Rigby.
- start drafting a master plan for Jefferson County Visitor Center and Public Freedom Monument.
- work with local realtors in Jefferson County to create an up to date database of commercial properties and land available in Jefferson County – keep information current in the Idaho Department of Commerce & Labor’s Land & Building website (until they can create a data link to the Snake River MLS website).
-start the creation of a comprehensive Economic Resource Database. Begin gathering resource data.
-draft a complete Strategic Plan for Jefferson County Economic Development to transition away from full RDA funding and into a self-sustaining model.
-begin development of a multimedia presentation of Jefferson County and its economic history and future to display in the county courthouse and other public places.
-continue developing additional marketing concepts for Jefferson County to increase awareness of county resources and to create sense of loyalty to local merchants.
-meet with high-tech database firm out of Colorado Springs and discuss relocation possibilities.
-meet with the committee involved with the Rigby Lake development project. Update the master plan as needed. Find more grants opportunities and write proposals. Develop other fund-raising strategies to fund improvements.
-complete a Master Plan for Mud Lake Fairgrounds – write grants as necessary to accomplish those projects.
-Distribute applications for Downtown Urban Renewal Grants for Main Street Rigby. Goal of getting 15 owners to use grants to improve facades.
-make contact with client desiring to start a low-income housing project in Mud Lake/Terreton area.
-create 2006 BRE strategic plan.

Ongoing Goals:

-continue to work with local clients in business expansion and start up projects.

-continue working with the citizens committee on community development projects, as well as Chair and direct the new Recreation Board for Jefferson County.

-continue to learn about resources available to county businesses.

-learn how to research grant opportunities and how to write more effective grant proposals

-continue marketing efforts for Jefferson County Landfill.

-assist commissioners with county projects as needed.

-work with regional partners on all projects.

-work with organizations on downtown revitalization project, as well as other projects as needed.

-continue to establish and develop relationships with city, county and state officials.

-continue to work with citizens group on community development projects.

-update county websites as needed.

1. Total employment as of the end of this reporting period: _____

This figure should include all employment within the RDA’s seven county region (Bannock, Bingham, Bonneville, Butte, Custer, Jefferson and Madison) that is related to the project.

2. Total number of employees this quarter earning at least $34,310.00 annually: _____

Total number of employees earning less than $6.00 per hour : _____

3. Average wage of total employment _____
4. Average salary of total employment _____

These figures should include all employees in the above mentioned wage categories which are related to the project. If you began the project with employees in any of the above wage categories, please include only those new employees related to the project.

5. Describe the quality of jobs currently being created.


1. List companies assisted during the reporting quarter and the number of jobs created
Company Name # Jobs Created
Carla Schmardabeck, Floral Classics 2 part-time; in process of applying for funding

Snake River Candle Co. 2 full-time

George Newby, Ririe in process of applying for funding (2)

Rob & Trisha Martin, Rigby in process of applying for funding

PPI awaiting expansion details-may be on hold

Chris Rogers assisting with low-income housing project in Terreton

Thompson Engineering possible expansion; also working on industrial park

2. Total number of employees this quarter earning at least $34,310.00 _0_____

3. Total number of employees earning less than $ 6.00 per hour __0____

4. Describe the quality of jobs being created:

Stable low paying jobs with no benefits.


Have the funds been used for any of the following activities? _____ __X___

Yes No

If yes, please list those activities:_______________________________________________

Recipient shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations in performing all work under agreement. Recipient shall require any individual or entity

receiving the funds, or any portion thereof, to acknowledge and comply with this section. The requirements of this section shall be included in any agreements, contracts, subcontracts or assignments entered by recipient related to its agreement of the funds.


1. Duplication of Efforts. Funds provided by this agreement shall not be used to (1)

duplicate or augment, directly or indirectly, workforce training efforts funded

through the State of Idaho’s Workforce Development Training Fund; or (2) duplicate

or augment, directly or indirectly, entrepreneurial training funded by the INEEL

Settlement Fund through state institutions of higher learning.

2. Funds for General Community Improvements. Funds provided by agreement shall not be used to fund the purchase, construction, enlargement or maintenance of : public

schools, public parks, museums, sports arenas or other similar recreational or cultural

3. Funds for Intrastate Business Relocation. Funds provided by agreement shall not be used to support the relocation of businesses within the State of Idaho unless approved by the State.


4. Political Influence. Funds provided by agreement shall not be used to influence

or attempt to influence an officer or employee of any governmental agency, any

member, officer or employee of Congress or the Idaho Legislature in connection with the awarding, continuation, renewal, amendment, or modification of any contact,

grant, loan, or cooperative agreement.

5. Prohibited Activities. Receipt shall not:
1. Knowingly hire any ineligible individual (s), embezzle, willfully misapply, steal or obtain by fraud the funds, or any portion thereof:

2. induce any employee to give up any money or thing of value under threat of

3. willfully obstruct or impede any investigation related to its agreement;
4. directly of indirectly promise any employment, position, compensation, contract, appointment or other benefit made possible in whole or part by the

funds to any person as consideration, favor or reward for any political

activity or for the support of, or opposition to, any candidate or political party in connection with any election, primary or caucus.
5. directly or indirectly knowly cause or attempt to cause any person to make a

contribution of a thing of value ( including services) for the benefit of any political cause, candidate or party be the means of denial or threat of denial of any employment or other benefit funded by or related to the funds; or

6. solicit or accept unlawful or illicit gratuities, favors or anything of monetary

value under the operation of its agreement;

7. use funds to influence directly or indirectly bond or ballot measures.
6. Nondiscrimination. As a condition of the payment of the funds, recipient assures

that, with respect to any activities related to its agreement or the funds, it shall make a

good faith effort to comply with the nondiscrimination and equal opportunity provisions of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities

Act, the Age Discrimination Act, Title IX of the Education Amendments, the Idaho

Human Rights Act and all other federal, state and local laws and applicable

requirements imposed by or pursuant to regulations implementing such laws. The

State shall have the right to seek judicial enforcement of the assurance.
7. Sexual Harassment. It shall be the policy of the recipient to forbid the sexual

harassment of any person with regard to its agreement or the fund(s).

8. Recipient recognizes and acknowledges that criminal penalties may result from

theft, embezzlement or other prohibited activities under its agreement.

9. Recipient shall immediately report to the RDA any alleged or suspected incident

of fraud, abuse or other prohibited activity related to its agreement or the funds.

No Subrecipients of the funds, or any part thereof, shall use such funds, either directly or indirectly, To acquire any interest, legal or equitable, in real property without the prior written consent of the RDA. For purposes of the agreement “acquire” includes, but is not limited to: the rental or lease of real property for terms exceeding two years; the purchase or time purchase of real property; or lending on a secured or unsecured basis for another party to acquire real property.

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