Region 5-aaaaaa april 20 & 22 2016 Woodstock High School

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Region 5-AAAAAA
April 20 & 22 2016
Woodstock High School

Facility 8 lane track. Timing will be FAT

Entries 2 entries per event and 2 entries per relay events

TROPHIES Top 2 Girls & Top 2 Boys Teams


Scoring Individual and relay 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

Field Events Long & Triple Jump:
2 flights with 3 jumps per athlete, 9 athletes to the final for 3 additional jumps.
Shot put & Discus:
2 flights with 3 throws per athlete, 9 athletes to the final for 3 additional throws.

Rules We will have a jury of appeals to resolve any disputes. We will also use the

National Federation rulebook. We will enforce uniform rules and jewelry rules.

Schools Cherokee, Etowah, Lassiter, Milton, Pope, Roswell, Walton, Wheeler, Woodstock

Buses Please drop athletes off and then park your buses in the roped off area behind
mobile units.

Entry Fee After the conclusion of the meet and gate receipts are collected, each school will be notified if there is an amount that is needed to cover the expenses of awards, timing, and starter.

Team Entry Please have athletes enter on the visitor side. All athletes entering for free must be listed on the entry form. You will also be allowed one additional athlete per coach as a manager or helper. Athletes that come later must have a track uniform to be admitted free of charge.

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