Reflections of a tennessee town compiled by peggy stephenson wilson produced by nolensville recreation center, inc., Nolensville, tennessee

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having died in 1838.
*1. A. Children of Joseph and Peggy Brown Nolen:
a. William Nolen born 1828 died about 1890 married 1855 to Mary Eliza Crocker who was an orphan. She died in Davidson County, Tennessee, at her son’s home near Wrenco and is buried in yard of the old Nolen home out Bluf Road off Nolensville Road. There were, in 1975, two graves covered with rocks at the side of a branch. The home has long since burned.
Children of William and Mary Eliza Crocker Nolen (not in order of birth):
1. William married Janey (last name unknown).

a. Allen married a Tyree.
1. Ernest Nolen.

2. William Nolen married Ellen Collins, had three girls.
3. Eddie Nolen.
b. Joseph Nolen.
c. Elizabeth (Betty) Nolen born September 10, 1860, died June 5, 1823, married February 14, 1879 to Joel M. Shacklett.

1. Leona Shacklett married Langdon Scruggs.

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