Reflections of a tennessee town compiled by peggy stephenson wilson produced by nolensville recreation center, inc., Nolensville, tennessee

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NOLENSVILLE 1797-1987:



The following quotation taken from Nolensville 1797-1987: Reflections of a Tennessee Town compiled by Peggy Stephenson Wilson.
“John Nolen migrated to Tennessee from Albemarle County, Virginia, about 1790. Records indicate that he helped erect public buildings in Jonesboro, Tennessee during 1791-1793.

John Nolen served in the Commissioner’s Guard in the Revolutionary War. He was granted land in the North Carolina territory for his war service. A land grant for 250 acres was given to John Nolen under the date of December 15, 1792, and is signed by Richard Dobbs Speight with the Seal of the State of North Carolina dated April 27, 1793, and countersigned by James Gladstone, Secretary, North Carolina. John Nolen moved on into what is now the State of Tennessee and his land was represented by North Carolina Grant #116, dated February 28, 1796, and was located in what is now the 16th District of Williamson County. This property remained in the hands of John Nolen’s descendants for many years after his death in 1811.

John Nolen was born about 1744 in Virginia and died October 17, 1811 in Williamson County, Tennessee. It is believed that John is buried on the old place of his brother, William, which is now the Newt McCord farm.

In his will dated September 23, 1808, John leaves his daughter Aggey Stovall $1.00, his son, Goolsby, $1.00, and his daughter, Sally Duffy, $1.00. He leaves his wife certain household goods, horses and other livestock of her choosing and $50.00 in cash. The balance of his entire estate is to be divided equally between his sons, David and Littleberry. He also requests that his brother William, and William’s son, General Lee, act, as executors of his will.

John Nolen did not live many years after migrating to Tennessee and there are very few of his descendants still living in Williamson County and in the area around Nolensville. He has three great-great-great-grandchildren living who were born on the farm he settled. They are: Elizabeth Lane Butts of Franklin, Louise Lane Coleman of Smyrna, and Oscar Brown Lane of Nashville. These are children of Mary Nolen Lane whose father was Joseph Nolen, a son of David Nolen.

Following is a limited genealogy of the John Nolen family. This information was given by the children of Mary Nolen and Oscar Rhose Lane, Terri Parker, research from the Tennessee State Library and Archives by Peggy Wilson and Billie Ann Epps White. Miscellaneous research was contributed by Marie Batey. A photo of Elizabeth Nolen Shacklett is used courtesy of Lillian Johnson of Smyrna. Oral information has been given to the History Committee by various people who are too numerous to be recorded.

*John Nolen was born before 1744 in Virginia, died October 17, 1811, in Williamson County, Tennessee, was married to Anney Goolsby before 1765 (born about 1746, died between 1812-1814). Anney Nolen was born in Virginia and died in Williamson County, Tennessee. It is believed that she is buried in the graveyard on the Oscar Lane farm, which is where she made her home. John and Anney Nolen were parents of five children:
*1. David, born 1769 in North Carolina, died October 13, 1839 in Williamson County, Tennessee. He is buried on the old Damascus Layne farm just off Owl Creek Road near Split Log. He was married about 1794 to Mary _______ who was born August 15, 1772 in North Carolina and died September 30, 1849 in Williamson County, Tennessee. She is thought to have been buried near her husband.

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