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I'm pretty lucky considered that my parents are not that controlling. I get the privilege to socialize.

  • I have the most beautiful, kind, lovely supporters already. I feel incredibly lucky.

    • The money from the downloads will be put aside until Christmas for a family who is not fortunate enough to have one.

    Future -- specific events directly relevant to writer

    • Ive had a sore throat all day like but haven't done anything about it probably get worse.

    • I wanna go to ucla and become a special effects make-up artist for movies. probability of me actually making it in movies.. little to none.

    • Well looks like I might be trapped in a hurricane or storm for my birthday AGAIN this year... WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!

    Trying to make myself sound as good as possible on my CV, might have more chance of getting an interview then.

    • Cat now absolutely loves spiral staircase and won't leave it; will in all likelihood cause inevitably fatal accident.

    • What's the chance of me waking up on time tomorrow for the first day of my early bird schedule when I just finished working for the evening?

    • To do this homework or take the chance of class being canceled...

    I know I'm not on team 4.0 , the chance of me getting an A in a math class is slim.

    • I promised myself I wouldn't risk the chance of getting hurt again.

    • Im only excited for school to start up for the chance of me meeting a cute boy this year.

    • Attempting to do a Google Hangout w/ college buddies during our FF draft tonight. Probability of disastrous results: 85%.

    • I'm really hoping I have a chance of getting this job, it'd be ideal.

    • The most important thing is I am now cancer free with very very slim chance of recurrence.

    If I fail this paper, big chance I have to repeat it next sem. If I pass, slim chance I'll get a D- on my report card. Big gamble here.

    • Lets face it, out of all the beautiful people out there, theres a fat chance the boys will fall for us.

    • I think that I should cook chicken, but then there's the slight risk of my house getting burnt down.

    • I feel bad that my best friend has to deal with me today. Chances are we will be annoying together.

    • Some times when I think about how much I love RHCP i get close to tears, knowing I have a very slim chance of meeting them.

    • If by some very slim chance I get asked to prom and an even slimmer chance that I say yes, I'll buy my dress from Selective Consignments.

    • I want to try a new hairstyle but it might be a little risky.

    • It's by no means some heroic 6 foot jump but it's jumping to a higher platform from a 4 story building. It's a little risky.

    • There's no chance of me even sleeping tonight with my little sister here.

    • Glad i showered earlier. Not risking the chance of opening my eyes and the power being off..

    • Wish I had more friends still in High School so I at least had the chance of going to Homecoming.

    • Tomorrow gonna check out the apartment where we will be very likely living until june. i'm quite okay with all this.

    • There is no real reason for me to go to work tomorrow, since I'll probably be finished by 10am.

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