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What are the chances I get a spam email off someone with the exact same name as my brother?

  • I've caught the clock at 11:11 for the past 2 days... The day before that, I owed $11.11 at the store. Hoping it's not a coincidence.

  • I don't think it's a coincidence that I'm re-reading Our Band Could Be Your Life on the eve of my 39th b-day. Feel like I'm at a crossroads.

  • Coincidentally just read another book largely set in early 80s east coast USA.

  • I saw a rainbow yesterday. Coincidentally at the end of the rainbow was a Dominoes.

  • When Goin To A University, You Have A Slim Chance Of Runnin Into Someone You Used To Talk To. But My 2nd Day Of School, One is in my class.

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