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Just by chance, there happens to be no classes on my birthday.

  • Go shopping with my mum and she just by chance forgets her bank card and I'm the one that buys all her new living room furniture.

  • I just by chance happened to catch her fight the other night and now I'm a huge fan. I've never seen anyone do what she does.

    Past -- personal coincidences

    • What are the odds that I'd end up wearing the same shirt on the first day of school as someone I dislike.

    • What are the odds of driving alongside my ex's parents on the Taconic? Especially now.

    • Such a coincident I met my long lost secondary schoolmate, had a face to face conversation, not much changes still the same black hair.

    • A guy, who was clearly Santa, just passed me in his red pickup. Then three deer ran out into the road. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Out of all the people in NYC what are the odds of someone you don't want to necessarily see getting on the same train car as you?

    • Just passed Hungry Valley. What are the odds that I'm actually hungry while this occurred?
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