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Past -- personal luck
• So lucky to be at this Spanish restaurant in time for today's special.

Just by chance today saw a guy walking to his car and asked if i could take his spot.

• Two marriages, one common-law relationship. What are the odds of one man finding three women incapable of being in a healthy relationship?
Against all reasonable probability, I managed to get Jack the Immortal Hero updated again.

• I have a 50/50 chance of choosing shampoo and every time i grab the conditioner bottle!

• I accidentally hit the fire alarm on the wall after my momentum from a layup. One in a million chance.

• Now my face is bruising. And that rarely happens to people who get there wisdom teeth out.

  • Just got attacked by a flying squirrel. In my car. Through my window. How often does that happen?

  • I love when people can tell I'm Hispanic. It rarely happens but when it does I get way too excited.

• So bummed I didn't see a bunch of celebs at the airport. What are the chances?!

  • My phone always coincidentally loses service when i want to use it.

  • I'm pretty lucky to be alive after what I consumed last night.

  • It’s a great misfortune to be in Vienna but not being able to hear George Michael.

  • I'm in Ireland, we're not all lucky enough to watch the finale tonight.

  • About to start the 2nd week of classes & I still have time to read a book that hasn't been assigned to me. Lucky!

  • What are the chances the one day I get to go to school and chill my mom gets called saying she's off tomorrow.

  • I met a lot of people I wanted to just by chance. But not others. Strange for being in such a confined place.

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