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possibly get any more unproductive if I tried. • What's the

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possibly get any more unproductive if I tried.

• What's the chance of on your online player for more size options, the current player is to small and only other option full screen?

  • Upgraded to 2.5.1 in the hopes that this would go away. Fat chance. Tried the .htaccess fix, deleting the js_cache, deleting cookies and the browser cache, switching browsers, switching operating systems (from Win to Mac) -- still no dice.

  • And I have no chance to have a job 11 years after college when other people NEVER get treated like that.

  • I used to go online horse shopping with absolutely no chance of getting a horse.

  • My text book says it tried to "lower the probability of causing drowsiness". I fell asleep the first time I read it.

• I can vividly see the facebook connect logo, but as far as it appearing next to the comments on posts -fat chance.

• Seriously Gap, you think using the Avett Brothers will trick me into buying your pants? Fat chance.

• My kids have everything i always wanted when i was young...what a coincident!

That awkward moment when you post your business on a Social Networking website and everyone finds out...what are the odds?

• I used to think my metabolism could destroy any chance of me being full. I was wrong.

  • I should just go take a nap and hope people are less annoying when I wake up. Fat chance, but at least I'll have napped.

  • So, what.... you thought his statement in Parliament would go, I take responsibility, I order enquiry and I resign. Fat chance!

  • My Judgment Day Blu-ray incldes an option to play a game of chess against Skynet. Haha, fat chance! Learn human strategy from someone else!

  • I have no idea who he is and the likelihood that I would agree with *everything* any one person blogs is basically zero.

  • I listen to the poems I post on my blog, and I hear all the flaws. Probably more than other listeners.

  • It would be nice if I could sleep until my alarm goes off...rarely happens.

  • Now my face is bruising. And that rarely happens to people who get there wisdom teeth out.

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