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Future impersonal events

• Today is suddenly cold but sunny. This is very likely one of first signs of autumn. Pleasant.
The people I talked to said fat chance of recovery especially for pricey motorbikes. It's already on its way out of town in 24 hours.

• Housing continues to recover and show up in home prices. A key sector that could reduce the chance of a recession in the US.

• I keep trying to kid myself it'll be ok once we've got over initial stadium debt but keep coming to this conclusion - fat chance.

A bright good morning, sunny spells, slim chance of a shower, 22C - looks like a very nice day.

  • Working my butt off in the warehouse doing what is very likely overly-cautious hurricane prep.

• Maybe, just maybe, my dream of having senate elections will come true ..highly unlikely though.

• In very rare years, we might not get frost until Nov 1(ish). Very likely to see some before mid October.

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