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Future events involving people but not specific to writer

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Future events involving people but not specific to writer
• Coale, a fifth-round draft pick, was the early favorite everyone believed would have the best chance to replace Robinson.

• If by a slim chance Oasis could get back together just for one last concert I could easily die happy.

• I swear finding a parking spot on A&T campus is like hitting the lottery. You have to be lucky as shit and it rarely happens quickly.
• Being told you have a 50/50 chance of surviving this operation hurts me more than anything in the entire world.

It doesn't seem to matter that a British cyclist is currently second in a major competition and has every chance of winning it.

  • Often, it’s just a case where a guy who has a slim chance of actually making an NFL roster stands out when surrounded by opponents who have absolutely no chance of achieving that goal.

  • He stands a much better chance of winning his third Emmy than the series does of winning its first.

• Let's be honest the chance of the girls lax team having a winning season without the seniors is real slim.

• Should Joe Cole leave Liverpool? With Sterling coming through the ranks and a very impressive performance this evening I think he has no chance!

• From what I'm led to believe while there is an interest in Markus Henriksen, it's highly unlikely Celtic will follow that up with a bid.

• Rooney possibly out for 2 months after undergoing surgery to repair a 6-inch wound which cut as deep as his thigh bone.

• The Red Sox are terrible and now David Ortiz coincidentally might shut himself down for the season.

• Any truth in the rumors that you will leave CNN on loan by Friday to anyone that will want you. Unlikely anyone wants u.

• Don't understand how FSU is being picked to winner the national championship this year. Will choke like last year. No chance.

• There's as much chance of us getting Clint Dempsey as there is of Luton getting out the conference this year.

  • Sony says that it is investigating Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for all of its devices though we caution owners as there is a slim chance it rolls out for all devices.

  • The likelihood of casualties on our side is tiny.

  • What's the likelihood we trade that 2nd for a reciever like jones in GB?

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