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The chance of losing my best friend and dog. Is scaring me more than anything ever has before.

  • The chance of getting dress code tomorrow is not gonna stop me from wearing my fave shirt.

  • So apparently the exam board randomly changed my coursework from an A to a D and that it's "extremely unlikely" that it will change.

  • When people try to take my phone I get really pissed off because it's my baby and I don't want to take the chance of them breaking it.

  • I am putting this message on hoping there is a slim chance that anyone may know anything at all on this subject or to just keep a look out when travelling about.

  • I am wondering how fat the chance is that my hosting will kicking me for hammering on their severs for 19h.

  • What's the likelihood of having a good shift? Not good @ all, but I'm hopeful. I've learned it's better to be optimistic.

  • I'm in Denver on Friday and there's a high likelihood I'll be snagging a manning jersey.

    • Cat now absolutely loves spiral staircase and won't leave it; will in all likelihood cause inevitably fatal accident.

    Doing rough calculations, I could, in all likelihood make a $70 profit off the DA junk in the starter box.

    • The only thing I know about probability is there is a very high probability of me failing this exam.

    • I mean there's already books & a game out for it, so. Plus seeing The Sith Wars would probably make my life.

    • This time next week, I will in all likelihood have been awake for 34 hours.

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