Redcliffe jetty markets

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Rules & Market Operating Guidelines
Hours of operation: 8am – 3pm (must be of the land by 3pm)
Bump in 5am - Bump out 2pm
Access is through the Anzac Place Gates Entry. There is a speed limit of 10km. Please follow directions by our staff and please be patient as we are governed by Moreton Bay Council guidelines.
Market Attendance

  • If you are unable to attend, tell us, so we can re-allocate your site.

  • Please be advised that all permanent stall holders will be charged for non-attendance

  • If you are running late on market day please call our mobile

  • You will be met at the front of the market and assigned your site

  • You are allowed to dismantle your stall after 1pm and no sooner unless authorised.

  • If you have sold out prior, please place a “Sold Out” sign at your site so you can shop & swap with other traders before packing up.

  • All traders must be off site by 3pm.

  • Please follow market staff directions during bump in and bump out.

No parking as per the Moreton Bay Regional Council
Please do not occupy public parking close to the markets. This allows customers, the elderly, handicapped and disabled patrons to have access to the markets.
Stall Set Up
All stall requirements ie tables, chairs, electrical cords etc is to be supplied by you.

  • Secure all tents to comply with safety

  • Must use rubber mallets to secure pegs

  • Please make sure your site is free of litter and waster prior to departure

  • You are required to provide everything you need to set up

  • All power leads adapters etc that you bring must be tested and tagged

All Marketers are to be clothed and presentable for the general public. Smoking is prohibited by Council in the food trading areas. Stalls must be maintained, secured and comply with all standard safety standards.
Licensing & Standards
Traders are responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits. All products offered for sale at the markets must comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations. Inspectors visit regularly. For more information please contact the Moreton Bay Regional Council.
Waste management
Traders are responsible for their own rubbish and unsold produce. Market management provides wheelie bins for the convenience of the customers to discard food, drink and sampling containers. Anyone found to be utilising these bins will be charged.
Incident Reporting
Any incident that occurs that you are part of or witness please report it immediately and fill out the incident report document that is onsite at all times. We want to ensure the safety of our patrons and our marketeers at all times.

No spruiking will be allowed before 11.30am.
Electricity is limited and should you require electricity you must have your own leads and cables. All leads, cables and electrical devices that you wish to use must be tagged and tested by an electrician and must be current. If you do not have these you are putting yourself, the markets and the general public in danger. We will help where we can but we do not supply leads or cables. Please note the use of electricity does incur an additional fee.

Please Note
1. Nobody at these markets owns their stall space.

2. You cannot on-sell any stall site.

3. If circumstances require you can be moved at any time

4. Decisions made by management are final and binding

5. If you do not show without notification you will lose your site and it will be reallocated

6. We have waiting lists

7. Behaviour that is deemed by management not in the best interests or affects the markets, marketeers, patrons and/or the community will not be tolerated and dealt with immediately.

8. All market staff is to be treated with respect and courtesy.

9. All permanents to pay still if absent

10. Rules can be changed, modified and added as per management’s wishes.

Please notify us regarding:

  • Changes to your contact details or staff mobile numbers.

  • New products & produce you would like to sell

  • Problems relating to sites, neighbours, other's products

Contact Us
Ph: 0425 304 678

(Please note the phone is only answered on Tuesday and Friday during business hours relating to Market Stalls)


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