Red dragon rising after action report

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Red Dragon Rising 'South Seas Adventure' AAR Sept 2009

Turn 8 -
The PRC player decided it was an opportune time to try and roll up the U.S. by striking in another direction. An Op 12 brought the stealthy ACV to sea in the Taiwan Straits, carrying the Marine Corps.
The U.S. responded with an Op 17, attempting with land based air units on Taiwan to sink the ACV. But the stealthy ship evaded and survived.
Turn 9 -
The PRC Marines assault Taiwan (Op 19), inflict 1 hit, but are destroyed by the massed Taiwanese forces.
The U.S. uses Op 7 to move a lite unit in to reinforce. (I would like to note here that the increased number of initial ground units from the "Iraq Drawdown variant" will make a difference in the game.)

Download 18.48 Kb.

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