Red dragon rising after action report

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Turn 15 -
The PRC looks elsewhere to accomplish his ends and conducts an invasion of Singapore, using all available at-sea ground units.
There is a stiffish fight and one unit is destroyed but Singapore falls after a valiant fight, their neutrality having been so wantonly violated. Alas for the PRC, there remains no further capability to conduct invasions. Victory points rise to +9
The U.S. player rolls event 25, bringing India into the war. Unfortunately, as Iran is already in, the Indian expeditionary force (a light carrier and escorting surface group) do not enter. But the CVN underneath the Iran marker is returned to the reinforcement cup.
The U.S. executes Op 18, using both B-2's to finally destroy the pesky and dangerous SSM unit. The B-2's somehow manage to evade intense anti-aircraft operations and return safely.

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