Red dragon rising after action report

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Turn 13 -
The PRC player uses an Op 25 to conduct an SSM attack on the Amphib. The U.S. counters with it's last Hyperwar chit; an ASAT/BMD counter. The SSM attack is defeated, the Amphib and reinforcements for Taiwan, saved.
The U.S. airlifts another light ground unit to Taiwan.
Turn 14 -
The PRC uses Op 20 to conduct a ground fight on Taiwan. Both sides lose 1 unit and the Allies still hang on.
The U.S. player has been having unusual luck with the Event die rolls, and does so again at a critical time. He rolls a 53, getting two Ops in a row. He uses these directly to bring the Amph force up and invade Taiwan.
The NLOS capability of the FCS brigade and the Amphib itself are telling, and 3 PRC units are lost to 1 Mech brigade for the U.S. The battle has been turned around 180 degrees by a little luck and high tech combat formations! The outcome of the game is again back in the 50/50 range of possibilities.

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