Red dragon rising after action report

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Turn 12 -
The PRC player executes Op 4 to bring all 6 air assault units to try and take Taiwan. Hopeful, he plays his Cyberwar chit, allowing him to take a first shot that can't be immediately returned (just like NLOS capability). The results are quite good: the two remaining Taiwan ground units are destroyed with no loss to the PRC side. Only the U.S. ground unit remains.
Utterly desperate, the Allied player executes an Op 12, sailing an FCS, a Mech, and the Aussie brigade on the NLOS Amphib for Taiwan. Escorting are 2 CVN's and two SAG's. If they make it in time, there is enough power to save Taiwan (and the war), but the odds look long against them. The Allied cause is at a horrifying nadir!

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