Red dragon rising after action report

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Turn 10 -
The PRC player uses Op 5 and makes a massive air raid on Taiwan. Three hits are inflicted on Taiwanese ground forces to loss of 2 J-10's.
To brace Taiwan, the U.S. uses Op 16 to rebase all Japanese air units in.
Turn 11 -
The PRC rolled the Panama event, gaining 1 VP and bringing the total to 8. Only 4 more VP are needed now to win; capture of Taiwan would accomplish this nicely. Another massed air attack on Taiwan is made, but luck was not favorable this time. There were no hits to Taiwanese ground forces though 2 Japanese F-15 units were shot down. In return the Allies shot down 4 PRC air units, gutting the force.
The U.S. player rolls event 23, bringing Iran in and forcing dispatch of a CVN from the reinforcement pool. The U.S. uses Op 22 to move an Air Assault unit in from Okinawa to reinforce.

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