Red dragon rising after action report

B. Rule 10.0, Combat Updates, and 13.0, Hyperwar, are in use. C

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B. Rule 10.0, Combat Updates, and 13.0, Hyperwar, are in use.
C. The following Force Updates and Variants are in use:

14.1 Iraq War Drawdown

14.3 Pre-game Hyperwar Chit Draw

14.6 PRC Air Force Modernization

14.8 PRC Naval Modernization

14.9 PRC Ground Force Upgrade

14.10 U.S. Air Force Modernization

14.11 U.S. Naval Modernization

14.12 U.S. Ground Force Upgrade

14.14 Indian Expeditionary Force

14.19 Vietnamese Forces
D. Rule 15.0, Alternative Victory Conditions, are in use.
Under these rules, the sudden death victory conditions are eliminated, except for Mideast War going nuclear and Russian action. The game will typically end either if the PRC player has 12 Victory Points at the end of the next U.S. Action, or on game turn 30, or when all U.S. CVN's or all PRC forces are eliminated, or at the end of turn 30.
Prior to start of the game, the PRC player rolled a 2 and cross checked table 15.2 His strategy for the turn is "Spratley Oil". Under this column he can win the following victory points - Taiwan +4, Korea +2, Spratleys +6, and Guam +2. Other base objectives are still worth 1 VP, and there are a number of these in the southern sea areas (Singapore, Malaya, Palawan, Borneo, and Celebes). Thus the action will likely be heaviest in the southern portion of the map and hence, the scenario title.
The Game -
Prior to start of play both players rolled one die, divided the result by 2 (rounding down) and blindly selected that number of their sides Hyperwar Chits from an opaque cup. The PRC player received 1 chit and the U.S., 3.
The U.S. player set up first, as he's supposed to do. This was done in a classical way, with all at-sea naval units in the East China Sea and the remainder of on-map U.S. forces combined with all Japanese forces on Kyushu. One light infantry unit was placed in the Marianas, two Marine units were set up on Okinawa along with an F-35 and F-16, and both Amph's plus the FCS brigade, the B-2 bombers, and the Australians went into the holding box.
The PRC player then made the following deployments:
2 x SSN's in the South China Sea

1 x Amph, 1 x Mech, 2 x Marine and one light infantry in south china.

Also in South China was the entire PRC fleet, except 1 stealth SSK and the ACV in Central China.

Also in Central China were all the aircraft, and all remaining ground troops.

I will mention Random Events only when they occur. Also, to save space not every turn has a photo - these will be provided when there is some change in dispositions.

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