Red dragon rising after action report

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Turn 23 -
The Russians execute Op 13 and move surface elements in to So. Korea to attack airbases. The fight results in the loss of both remaining Russian surface elements, to no gain sadly.
The Allies roll a 5-2 and get yet another double operation. With this they move their Amphib. forces from Taiwan into the South China Sea.
Turn 24 -
PRC uses Op 11 to fight in Korea, but again gains nothing.
The Allies use Op 9, this time bringing Vietnam in on their side.
Turn 25 -
In the south, the fleets maneuver at sea for position. The decisive fight looms.
Surviving PRC South Seas Fleet moves back to Palawan Passage, declining to conduct combat against the small Japanese naval units there.

This leaves their fleet out of range of the Vietnamese Air Force and puts them in a position to defend the Spratleys.
The Vietnamese surface squadron puts to sea and joins up with the Allied fleet in South China Sea. This gives the Allies sufficient protective forces to prevent attack on the Amphib or CVN's. Things have been brewing for days and now all appears ready for the showdown.
Turn 26 -
The PRC player makes yet another attempt to move the Korean war. He does this despite the fact that it is virtually impossible. He is merely playing for time at this point and probably in deep denial of what is to be.
The main Allied Fleet enters the Palawan Passage and there destroys all but two PRC naval units. At this point the war is essentially decided, but our PRC player just refuses to quit.
Turn 27 -
The PRC player sends his bombers to hit South Korea. There is some vague idea of attacking U.S. air units there.
The U.S. immediately declares Op 10 - an Intercept. All but one PRC bomber is shot down, to 1 F-16 and the Aussie F-111. This changes nothing.
Turn 28 -
The desperate and doomed PRC player uses an OP 27 to try and get a good Hyperwar chit, but only gets an ASAT chit, which at this point cannot help him.
The U.S. player opts to invade the Spratleys using the FCS brigade, and with all the support of CVN's and SSGN's, easily slaughters the PRC Marine unit there to no losses. The Victory Point total drops to '3' and there is no hope at all of raising it. The PRC player finally capitulates.

It has been a wild conflict, one that swang back and forth many times. The impact of technology and, more importantly, operational security/surprise, was decisive. Somehow the U.S. side persevered and maintained it's allies and position in the western Pacific, but it was the nearest thing, the nearest run thing. In times long after the campaign would be studied in all staff colleges and the natural tendency to craft an Operational Art that was more certain of outcome took over. Everyone forgot that, in war as in life, nothing can ever be totally certain.*
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