Red dragon rising after action report

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Red Dragon Rising 'South Seas Adventure' AAR Sept 2009

Turn 16-
The PRC player executes Op 3, moving 6 ground units to Korea. With very little chance of gaining Taiwan, Korea is the last chance to gain enough VP to almost put him over the top. He is hopeful that the U.S. player is far enough out of position that he just may be able to pull it off.
The U.S. player counters with an Op 16, rebasing two air units to South Korea.
Turn 17 -
The PRC rebases 8 tactical air units to North Korea.
The U.S. player uses Op 27 to draw another Hyperwar Chit. The evidence is now abundant that, in the right circumstances, a Hyperwar play, especially Cyberwar, can definitely win key battles. Naturally preferring to maintain security and the element of surprise, he does not announce what he has drawn.

Download 18.48 Kb.

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