Red dragon rising after action report

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September 2009

The world of 2014: The economic crisis has slowly ended. As the world recovered, competition for scarce resources became fever hot, exacerbated by torn alliances. Politics thus became far more regional in nature. In the late summer of 2014 a spark caused it all to explode.

This AAR explores use of several new variants and add-on rules for the game Red Dragon Rising, as explained in the update kit in Strategy and Tactics Magazine #258. The concept behind the update kit is to provide sufficient new options for the game to cover as many future possibilities as we can. Players should feel free to pick and choose variants and new rules for a given game as they see fit.
For our purposes here we are selecting a broad array of updates and fitting into this scenario. At the same time, out of preference we are avoiding several for reasons of playability and clarity. One should master the basics before going on to the more highly complex.
A. All new Ops are in use except the very hyperbolic ones. Specifically, Op 23 (U.S. EMP weapon), Op 28 (PRC 'Assassins Mace'), and Ops 29 to 32 (the Nuclear options) will not be used in this game.

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