Records relating to the trial and execution of peter thomas anthony manuel

Part 2: High Court of Justiciary Records

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Part 2: High Court of Justiciary Records
All High Court records are subject to the Data Protection Act, 1998. High Court records over thirty years old are subject to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.
Listed below are the main High Court materials concerning the trial of Peter Manuel held at the NRS. In addition to this, mention of him will also appear in other High Court series associated with trials and appeals – e.g. Glasgow circuit books of adjournal (ref: JC15) and minute books (ref: JC13-14). These are identifiable in our online catalogue

( using Manuel's trial and appeal dates.

In order to protect the privacy rights of living individuals, the High Court restricts access to material less than 75 years old, requiring anyone wishing to consult it to apply for written permission to do so. The only exception to this is for access to High Court minute books, which do not normally name victims and are therefore open for consultation. Open information may be viewed in the NRS’s Historical search room at General Register House. If written permission is given to view restricted material, it too can be viewed at General Register House. Some of the items listed in the table below are out-housed so we require 24 hours notice to produce them.
To request access to restricted High Court records, contact:

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