Records relating to the trial and execution of peter thomas anthony manuel

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Part 1: Crown Office Records
Crown Office files are subject to both the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and the Data Protection Act 1998.
The NRS holds the following Crown Office files concerning the trial of Peter Manuel. Having reviewed the information contained within these files the Crown Office has deemed them either open or exempt. Open information may be viewed in the NRS’s Historical Search Room at General Register House. As the files are not stored on site, we require 24 hours notice to produce them. The table below identifies any information considered exempt from disclosure. Under FOI, the Crown Office must review these decisions in the light of any further requests to view this information.
Before the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act came into force in January 2005, many Crown Office records were closed for 75-100 years. As it was

impossible to undertake a wholesale review of all Crown Office files when FOI came into force, this term is still in use for items which have not yet been the

subject of a Freedom of Information request.
To request access to closed or exempt Crown Office Information, contact:

Crown Office

25 Chambers Street



Telephone: 0131 226 2626

Fax: 0844 561 4069

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