Reclaiming goddess sexuality

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The Power of Sex
There is an irrefutable power in sexual energy. Although sexual energy can be misused, the energy itself is transforming. When it is experienced by fully conscious, consenting adults, it is empowering and healing. Sexual union is the best way to experience wholeness that humans can know.

I believe that the power of a woman’s sexual desire and responsiveness derives from her internal alignment with her core feminine energy. When a woman clearly understands and creates the conditions that enhance, for herself, the experience of her ecstasy, she has the ideal setting for her sexuality to blossom. When a woman can validate her core self and unique approach to her sexuality, magnetic power emerges from within. She feels energized, uplifted, affirmed, and transformed. Her partner will feel it as well. When a woman finds her I AM GODDESS self, she transmutes universal energy and aligns with Life Force. Her powerful sexuality flows through her to her partner. This is the magic. This magnetic force transmutes through her body connecting her with herself, her partner, and life. The resulting alchemical transformation raises energy beyond the physical. The body-mind-spirit is joined with the powerful source of all energy.

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