“Recharge Forward, Unplug and Reboot”

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Dear Conference Participant:

We are excited to invite you to join more than six hundred public safety professionals from around the State of Utah for the Ninth Annual Utah Governor’s Public Safety Summit. The conference will feature two days of outstanding presentations and workshops on this year’s theme, “Recharge Forward, Unplug and Reboot” highlighting the need for all of us to recharge our energy and enjoy our work. This year we are joining forces with the Intelligence Liaison Officer Conference to increase our coordination and share costs. We will also have vendors there to show you the latest in industry tools to help you in your important work and a static display to tour new equipment and technology.
Our keynote speakers are: Chief John King Provo Police Chief, who was involved with the Washington DC Sniper incident; John Njord, former UDOT Director to share his insight on public service and successful project management; and Tom Gorman (invited) from Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area in Colorado, to discuss the impact of marijuana legalization for medical and recreational use in Colorado. We will end our conference with Robert Kirby, famous Salt Lake Tribune Humorist to put everything in perspective and help us see the humor in work and life. We have many more great speakers lined up to share their expertise and successes and hope you will join us for another great Summit.
A block of rooms has been reserved at many of the surrounding hotels at the state rate of $80.00 per night. Please refer to the attached registration form for the phone numbers of the participating hotels so you can contact them directly to make your hotel reservations. Be sure to tell the hotel you are with the Utah Governor’s Public Safety Summit to obtain the state rate. Please refer to the registration form for the fee schedule and make checks payable to the Utah Department of Public Safety. The deadline for refunds is April 15, 2016. You can register with a credit card online at Public Safety Summit Online Registration or send your completed registration form (enclosed) and check to: Patrice Thomas, Division of Emergency Management, 1110 State Office Building, Salt Lake City, Utah. You may visit our website for conference updates and announcements at publicsafety.utah.gov . For further questions, call Patrice Thomas at (801) 244-0071 or Judy Watanabe at (801) 554-5958.
At the conference, registration will begin Tuesday morning, May 17th at 7:00 a.m. in the reception area lobby of the Dixie Convention Center. We look forward to seeing you at the Public Safety Summit.
Sincerely,squires tran

Keith D. Squires


Utah Department of Public Safety
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