Recent articles and research

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Recent articles and research
By Meryl Federl

Where articles are available on an open access platform, articles will be hyperlinked on De Rebus Digital.


EL: Employment Law (LexisNexis)

PER: Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal (North West University)

SALJ: South African Law Journal (Juta)

TSAR: Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg (Juta)
Administration of estates

Sonnekus, JC ‘Boedelbereddering en sekerheidsregte – ’n vreedsame afweging van botsende belange? Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd v Ndlovu 2013 JDR 2436 (GNP) (ongerapporteer)’ (2015) 1 TSAR 206.

Banking law

Tuba, MD ‘The regulation of electronic money institutions in the SADC region: Some lessons from the EU’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2269.

Building law

Swart, C ‘Construction guarantees: Finally closing the door on extraneous defences Coface South Africa Insurance Co Ltd v East London Own Haven t/a Own Haven Housing Association 2014 (2) SA 382 (SCA)’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 713.

Xaba, GMN ‘A review of the decision of the Supreme Court of Appeal Coface South Africa Insurance Co Ltd v East London Own Haven t/a Own Haven Housing Association 2014 (2) SA 382 (SCA)’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 720.
Child law

Calitz, K ‘The liability of churches for the historical sexual assault of children by priests’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2452.

Van der Walt, G ‘The history of the law of adoption in South Africa’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 421.
Company law

Kilian, CG and Snyman-Van Deventer, E ‘The legal implications of the economic realities of artificially manipulating an decrease/increase of earnings per share – if any’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2636.

Subramanien, D ‘“Duped” shareholders may apply for winding-up order –
s 81(1)(e) of the Companies Act 71 Pinfold v Edge to Edge Global Investments Ltd 2014 (1) SA 206 KZD’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 704.
Competition law

Chitimira, H ‘Selected challenges in the South African anti-market abuse enforcement framework in relation to some aspects of the financial markets’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 584.

Constitutional law

Rautenbach, IM ‘Proportionality and the Limitation Clauses of the South African Bill of Rights’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2229.

Consumer law

Du Plessis, H ‘Display of goods for sale, advertisements and the Consumer Protection Act’ (2015) 132.1 SALJ 150.

Melville, N and Woker, T ‘In search of perfecta: The conundrum of incorrectly priced goods under the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 644.

Tait, M & Newman, S ‘Exemption provisions and the Consumer Protection Act, 2008: Some preliminary comments’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 629.

Contract law

Bhana, D ‘The role of judicial method in contract law revisited’ (2015) 132.1 SALJ 122.

Credit law

Eiselen, S ‘Krediethersiening, gemeen­skap van goed en bestorwe boedels’ (2015) 1 TSAR 153.

Criminal law

Abrahams, D ‘The criminalisation and prosecution of sexual violence offences at national level: The need for legislative reform in South Sudan’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 467.

Mollema, N & Van der Bijl, C ‘Hate crimes: The ultimate anathematic crimes’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 672.

Nkosi, T ‘Wrongful deprivation of liberty – it is not just about the warrant: Domingo v Minister of Safety and Security’ (2015)132.1 SALJ 15.

Stevens, P ‘Protecting the vulnerable? Assessing the Constitutionality of the National Register for Sex Offenders in respect of juvenile sex offenders – S v IJ 2013 (2) SACR 599 (WCC) and J v National Director of Public Prosecutions 2014 ZACC 13’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2779.
Customary law

Knoetze, E ‘Value (x 2) + fine = damages? Notes on the imposition of sanctions by the courts of chiefs (senior traditional leaders) and headmen’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 602.

Cyber law

Eiselen, S ‘Fiddling with the ECT Act – electronic signatures’ (2014) 17.6 PER 205.

Singh, PP ‘Social media and the actio injuriarium in South Africa – an exploration of new challenges in the online era’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 616.

Linscott, JA ‘A critical analysis of the majority judgment in F v Minister of Safety and Security 2012 (1) SA 536 (CC)’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2916.

Mukheibir, A ‘Limitless liability – Tokoloshe or real danger? Country Cloud Trading CC v MEC, Department of Infrastructure Development’ (2015) 132.1 SALJ 22.

Neethling, J ‘Delikseis deur derde party weens kontrakbreuk Country Cloud Trading CC v MEC, Department of Infrastructure Development 2014 (2) SA 214 (HHA)’ (2015) 1 TSAR 188.

Education law

Barrie, GN ‘Brown v Board of Education 1954 – 2014: Sixty years of unfulfilled expectations’ (2015) 1 TSAR 160.

Laas, A and Boezaart, T ‘The legislative framework regarding bullying in South African schools’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2667.

Maithufi, IP ‘The authority to determine admission policy by a school governing body includes the power to determine the capacity of a public school but does not inflexibly limit the discretion of the head of department to admit a learner Member of the Executive Council for Education in Gauteng Province v Governing Body of the Rivonia Primary School Case CCT 135/12 [2013] ZACC 34’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 740.

Family law

De Jong, M ‘Arbitration of family separation issues – a useful adjunct to mediation and the court process’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2356.

Insolvency law

Evans, RG and Steyn, L ‘Property in insolvent estates – Edkins v Registrar of Deeds, Fourie v Edkins, and Motala v Moller’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2746.

Omar, PJ and Gant, J ‘Lender liability and fault for deepening insolvency: A comparative analysis’ (2015) 1 TSAR 39.

Schoeman-Malan, MC ‘Fraud and forgery of the testator’s will or signature: The flight from formalities to no formalities’ (2015) 1 TSAR 125.

Stander, AL ‘Die toepassing van verskillende teorieë vir die beoordeling van die regsposisie van versekerde skuldeisers in ’n oorgrens insolvensieprosedure’ (2015) 1 TSAR 105.
Intellectual property

Alberts, W ‘Trade marks: The reach of a retail services registration’ (2015) 132.1 SALJ 31.

Judicial review

Erasmus, HJ ‘Judicial review of inferior court proceedings – or, the ghost of prerogative writs in South African law’ (2015) 1 TSAR 94.


Corstens, G ‘The role of the judge under the rule of law’ (2015) 1 TSAR 170.

Mhango, MO ‘Separation of Powers in Ghana: The evolution of the political question doctrine’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2704.
Labour law

Bernard, RB ‘Reasonable accommodation in the workplace: To be or not to be?’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2870.

Botes, A ‘A comparative study on the regulation of labour brokers in South Africa and Namibia in light of recent legislative developments’ (2015) 132.1 SALJ 100.

Cole, EC and Van der Walt, A ‘The effect of labour legislation in the promotion and integration of persons with disabilities in the labour market’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 506.

Ebrahim, S and Tshoose, C ‘The right to practice cultural and religious beliefs in the workplace – a double-edged sword Department of Correctional Services v Popcru (107/12) [2013] ZASCA 40’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 732.

Gericke, SB ‘The interplay between international law and labour law in South Africa: Piercing the diplomatic immunity veil’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2601.

Grogan, J ‘Reinstatement means just that – resuming employment after unfair dismissal’ (2015) EL February 11.

Grogan, J ‘Sands of time – prescription and the LRA’ (2015) EL February 4.

Mavunga, RA ‘The historical development of the “light work” provision of Convention no. 138’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 539.
Law of contract

Hawthorne, L ‘Frontiers of change and governance in contractual agreements: The possible role of exploitation – Uniting Reformed Church De Doorns v President of the Republic of South Africa 2013 (5) SA 205 (WCC)’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2822.

Law of persons

Bonthuys, E ‘Developing the common law of breach of promise and universal partnerships: Rights to property sharing for all cohabitants?’ (2015) 132.1 SALJ 76.

Legal education

Broodryk, T ‘Writing-intensive courses across the law curriculum: Developing law students’ critical thinking and writing skills’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 453.

Legal theory

Buitendag, N and van Marle, K ‘Afriforum v Malema: The limits of law and complexity’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2893.


Chamberlain, L ‘Housing the ghost-writers: The appropriate institutional location of legislative drafting expertise’ (2015) 132.1 SALJ 55.

Local government

Mathenjwa, M ‘The constitutional obligations imposed on a provincial government in instances where a municipality cannot provide basic services as a result of a crisis in its financial affairs’ (2015) 1 TSAR 59.

Ratiba, MM ‘The municipal debt collection beyond the Mathabathe case – a welcome solution or multiplication of problems? City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality v Mathabathe (502/120) [2013] ZASCA 60’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 691.
Media law

Roos, A and Slabbert, M ‘Defamation on Facebook: Isparta v Richter 2013 (6) SA 529 (GP)’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2845.

Pension law

Marumoagae, MC ‘A non-member spouse’s entitlement to the member’s pension interest’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2488.

Planning law

Humby, T ‘Hands on or hands off? The Constitutional Court’s denial of a provincial municipal planning role Habitat Council v Provincial Minister of Local Government, Western Cape 2013 (6) SA 113 (WCC) Minister of Local Government, Western Cape v The Habitat Council (City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality Amicus Curiae) 2014 (5) BCLR 591 (CC)’ (2015) 1 TSAR 178.


Pete, SA ‘Holding up a mirror to Apartheid South Africa: Public discourse on the issue of overcrowding in South African prisons 1980 to 1984 – part 1’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 485.

Procurement law

Bolton, P ‘Disqualification for non-compliance with public tender conditions’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2314.

Property law

Boggenpoel, ZT ‘The ambit of the discretion of courts in the case of encroachments: Fedgroup Participation Bond Managers (Pty) Ltd v Trustee of the Capital Property Trust Collective Investment Scheme in Property’ (2015) 132.1 SALJ 5.

Boggenpoel, ZT ‘Applying the mandament van spolie in the case of incorporeals: Two recent examples from case law’ (2015) 1 TSAR 76.

Freedman, W ‘The application of the mandament van spolie to constit­ution­al and statutory rights City of Cape Town v Strümpher 2012 (4) SA 207 (SCA)’ (2015) 1 TSAR 197.

Van der Merwe, CG ‘Reflections on Chinese apartment ownership law (part 2)’ (2015) 1 TSAR 26.

Wiese, M ‘The legal nature of a lien in South African Law’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2526.

Socio-economic rights

F Viljoen and N Orago ‘An argument for South Africa’s accession to the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social And Cultural Rights in the light of its importance and implications’ (2014) 17.6 PER 2555.

Tax law
De Matosala, C ‘The place of effective management criterion for determining the tax residence of persons other than natural persons: Oceanic Trust Co Ltd NO v Commissioner for South African Revenue Service (2015) 132.1 SALJ 41.

Keulder, C and Legwaila, T ‘Duty free not VAT free Master Currency v CSARS (155/2012) [2013] ZASCA 17 (20 March 2013)’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 680.

Titus, A ‘The role of the limited partner deeming provision in the Income Tax Act: Does s 24h(2) achieve its intended purpose?’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 658.

Nel, E ‘Two sides of a coin: Piercing the veil and unconscionability in trust law’ (2014) 35.3 Obiter 570.

Unjustified enrichment

Sonnekus, JC ‘Terughoudingsbevoegdhede en oënskynlike spanning met saaklike sekerheidsregte en pandingsregte’ (2015) 1 TSAR 1.

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