Rebellions of 1837 Exploring Cause and Consequence

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Essential Question:

  1. How do events that appear to be unrelated contribute to major change?

  2. Why do the outcomes of events have long term consequences?

In groups of 3 read the created newspaper articles on the attached pages that are related to events that occurred prior to, during and after the Rebellions of 1837. Each student should cut out the articles then complete the following steps:

Step 1. One student should paste the events in chronological order.
Step 2. The groups should organize the a second set into events leading up to the rebellion, the events of the rebellion and events that happened after the rebellion. Students should organize each of the three groups thematically and look for evidence that link the many events to subsequent events. Possible themes may include economics of the colony, political problems, events in Upper Canada, events in Lower Canada, political impact or others that students develop.
List the themes that you used:

Step 3. Use the chart below to help you categorize the articles as a cause, antecedent event, consequences or after the fact event.

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