Rebellions began on Nov 23, 1837 (Article 15, #16 in chronological order)

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Tensions Rise in the Canadas

October 2, 1837

People in Upper and Lower Canada are facing desperate times. The worldwide economic downturn is hurting business as are the crop failures of this year. The habitants of Lower Canada are alarmed with the increased immigration from the British Isles. Not only are many of these people arriving with cholera but also the habitants fear they will lose their culture as many of them seek to settle in Lower Canada. . . .

Article 6

Violence in Lower Canada Countryside

October 30, 1837

This month has seen an increase in violence in much of Canada and especially in the Richelieu Valley. The Patriotes, led by Louis Joseph Papineau, have harassed local officials who refused to support their cause. The hotbed for rebellion appears to be Saint-Benoît and Saint-Eustache in the county of Two Mountains, or Saint-Denis and Saint-Charles in the Richelieu Valley. . . .

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