Rebellions began on Nov 23, 1837 (Article 15, #16 in chronological order)

Article 30 Lord Durham Meets With Moderates

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Article 30

Lord Durham Meets With Moderates

July 22, 1838

Moderate leaders Robert Baldwin and Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine have joined to provide a voice of reason in this time of turmoil. Baldwin recently met with Lord Durham to discuss his plans for establishing responsible government. Baldwin later urged Lafontaine to join him in an alliance to rebuild the colonies. . . .

Article 14

Responsible Government . . . Finally

April 26 1849.

Lord Elgin made a difficult decision yesterday and signed the Rebellion Losses Bill that paid the people of Lower Canada for losses suffered during the rebellions of 1837. Although people in Upper Canada already received compensation the English dominated council refused to support the legislature that supported the Act. Elgin’s wise decision finally shows that Canada’s unelected council must follow the decisions of the elected representatives. . .

Article 17

The Canadas are United

February 11, 1841

Following the recommendations of the Durham Report a single parliament was established yesterday with equal representation based on population. The Act forbade the use of French for government use and prohibited the certain French institutions related to education and civil law. We fear a return to violence as leaders in Lower Canada oppose the anti-French measures they claim seek to assimilate the French population. . . .

Rebllion ends, and Canada becomes “one” under a “new” responsible government.
Lord Elgin signs the Rebellion Losses Bill that reimburses Lower Canada’s losses. Upper Canada failed to receive reimbursement because the Bill was not approved by the mainly English government. Also, the people of Upper Canada had already received some amount of compensation.
Elgin’s decision shows that Canada’s UNELECTED council must follow decisions of the ELECTED representatives.

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