Reasons why Europe emerges from the Middle Ages

Songhai Empire: Sunni Ali, Islamic, Timbuktu

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Songhai Empire: Sunni Ali, Islamic, Timbuktu


Converted to Catholicism to enhance trade with Portugal

King Afonso I

Catholic King who wrote a letter to the King of Portugal to end slave trade in Kongo

Kongo eventually destroyed


Set up as a slave colony by the Portuguese

Queen Nzinga resisted Portuguese control but overcome by superior weapons

Swahili City States

East African city states controlled by the Portuguese with cannons

Russia emerges

Peter the Great


Capital Peterhof modeled after Versailles, western math and science, modernized the navy, western clothes and fashion

Catherine the Great

Proclaims Russia a western nation

Serfdom continues until next time period

Serfdom abolished in 1861 comparable to the US slavery (1865)

European Nation States develop maritime (sea based) empires

Portugal: slave trade, sugar plantation (Brazil), control of Swahili city states and Indian Ocean

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764 -> There are several characteristics that define a civilization. Social classes, architecture, religion, trade are all necessary components. Mongol civilization was an exception to these things
764 -> Pages 677-712 Chapter 30-31 Part 1 Manifest Destiny 679
764 -> Plague Document Analysis. Use your own paper for this activity. You can take notes in your notebook for each document but your answers to the following questions should be on your own paper
764 -> Analyze the social and economic transformations that occurred in the Atlantic world as a result of new
764 -> History of east asia: China and Japan Know the order of all of the Chinese Dynasties
764 -> The Lives of Medieval Peasants
764 -> Period 6 World War I causes Imperialism, Nationalism, Militarism, Alliances
764 -> Neolithic Revolution (8000 bce- 600 bce) ap world History begins
764 -> Islamic Empires Persuasive Presentation Goal: Convince the famous traveler Ibn Battuta to visit your Empire. R

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