Reasons why Europe emerges from the Middle Ages

Prince Henry, Dias (Cape of Good Hope)

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Prince Henry, Dias (Cape of Good Hope)

  • DaGama (1497)

  • Portugal takes out the Swahili City States (cannons)


    Location, size and newly united nation state under Catholicism

    Columbus 1492 connects Old World and New World

    Columbian Exchange

      • Environmental and demographic (population) changes

      • From Old World (Afro-Eurasia) to New World (Americas)

      • From New World (Americas) to Old World (Afro-Eurasia)

      • Columbian exchange of food led to higher world population

      • Small pox the largest epidemic by percentage in world history

      • Due to the introduction of sugar to Americas-need for workers and forced migration of African slaves resulted

    Labor systems

      • Indentured servants, Encomienda system, Slavery

      • Mita system borrowed by Spanish from Incan system already in place (Potosi silver mine)

    Religion spreads

    Global Flow of silver

      • Potosi mine (Bolivia)

      • Silver going back to Spain caused inflation in Europe (Price Revolution)

      • Most of the silver used to purchase Chinese goods (silk, porcelain)

        • Ming Dynasty hordes silver (causes inflation in China)

        • Spanish Manila Galleons

    Spanish Empire

      • Treaty of Tordesillas divides New World between Spain and Portugal

      • Overseas maritime empire united by Catholicism

        • Cortez (conquers Aztecs with the aid of smallpox, horses, guns, steel weapons and the Native Americans that allied against the Aztecs)

        • Pizarro (conquers Incas in 1533 in the same manner as Cortez)

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