Readings marked with an are suggested for more in depth understanding. Students are expected to know information from the Study Guides regardless of whether they choose the differentiated option since it is material pertinent to the preparation for the ap

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Lesson Plans for WHAP Unit 1

Readings marked with an * are suggested for more in depth understanding. Students are expected to know information from the Study Guides regardless of whether they choose the differentiated option since it is material pertinent to the preparation for the AP exam.

Week 1

Summer work:

Before Civilization Notes

Mesopotamia Notes

The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race

What is Civilization, Anyway?

The Origins of Agriculture: A Biological Perspective and a New Hypothesis,

Complete Study Guide 1

Thursday Aug 6

Introduction to World History

Turn in Summer Work/ quiz on Summer Work (time permitting)


Notes on assigned readings in History of the World in 6 Glasses and When Asia was the World


Aug 7

History of the World in 6 Glasses

(time permitting), Themes/Regions/Time periods (Quiz on Thursday, Aug 20)

HW: Themes, Regions, Time periods

Week 2


AUG 10

Before Civilization/ Mesopotamia/Egypt/Indus River Valley Summer Work Quiz

Additional Resources:

(p.1-13)*, Neolithic Revolution slides (website) online if needed

(Pages 14-19, 22-23) *, River Valley Civilizations “a” slides

Crash Course video #1: Agricultural Revolution

Crash Course video #3: Mesopotamia

SPICE theme note taking


Did the Agricultural Revolution

Improve quality of life? (1.2, II, A-D)


Migrations of people out of Africa and to Americas

Why settlement in river valleys?

Pastoralism vs. hunting-gathering vs. agriculture

HW: Chart (online) on SPICE themes on Mesopotamia

Hammurabi’s Code Mini-Q (analyze 2 documents for Just/UnJust) (online)


AUG 11

The Mesopotamians”- Whose in the Band

Mesopotamia lecture

Hammurabi’s Code discussion

HW: Ethel Wood book, re-read & take notes on Egypt using SPICE themes. Hint: use pages 44-51 (Negative Confession) for the Ethel Woods book. 
Extention: Bulliet text book (pp.23-29, 63-66)


Beginnings of government, Formation of states (city-states), Technology (writing, etc.)

Focus: Mini Q: Code of Hammurabi


AUG 12

Mesopotamia lecture (finished)

Introduced Nile Mini-Q

Nile documents (Mini-Q online) (A-E) and analyze all of the documents. Answer the following question: How Did the Nile River Shape Ancient Egypt? You want to have three main points for this answer.


AUG 13


(Pages 23-29), River Valley Civilizations “b” slides


Crash Course video #4

In Class:

Ramses Temple at Abu Simbel

Building the Pyramids

HW: watch the Mummy clip (3 min) on History Channel & Abu Simbel clip (3 min.) if didn’t in class & please note: there is info on Abu Simbel you could tie into some SPICE themes.  Additional clips for extention.
For this weekend: The SPICE themes on Indus River Valley


Mini Q on Impact of the Nile

Government structure

Divine right
Technology (hieroglyphs, pyramids, papyrus, mummification)

Focus: Book of the Dead

Friday AUG 14

Egypt, Nubia, and Meroe article

Egypt lecture

Divergent Circles exercise

Compare/Contrast thesis statement (chart on edmodo)
(Bulliet Pages 48-51)

HW: Indus River Civilizations- (Woods book) take SPICE themes


Compare Egyptian, Nubian, Meroitic culture, social structure, and government

Compare/Contrast thesis writing

Week 2

Monday AUG 17


(Pages 29-33)*,

Crash Course #2 Indus (River) Valley


River Valley Civilizations “c” slides


pp. 37-48

Study Guide China

HW: China Map


Characteristics of Harappan cities

Technology in ancient world:

ziggurats, pyramids, temples,

walls, streets, water systems

(1.3, III, A)

Trade systems

Vedic religion

Focus: Law of Manu


AUG 18

Activity: Legalism, Confucianism, Daoism

China Notes: Stations 1-8

Finish readings on China & Study Guide. Investigate questions regarding Daoism online

Zhou Confucianism and Daoism

Purpose of Confucianism (2.1, II, B) Purpose of Daoism (2.1, II, C) Impact of Confucianism on gender roles (2.1, III)

Wednesday Aug 19

Lost Civilizations: China DVD Guided note taking

HW: Begin Study Guide 6

Readings: pp.51-57


Mystery of the Olmec

Olmec, Chavin, and Norte Chico

Thursday Aug 20

Quiz on WHAP SPICE themes/sub-themes, Regions, Historical Periodization

Finish China Stations

Quia on China (textbook & article) opens; due Monday 8/24 at 11:59 (Open note/open book)

Friday AUG 20


(Pages 51-57)

HW and Readings:

Review Study Guide Mideast in Late Bronze Age

Articles: Hittites of Anatolia; Nahum, Nineveh, Nasty Assyrians; Nineveh

Bulliet (Pages 60-66, 71-74)



Olmec and Chavin

Do case study of complex societies

Week 3

Monday AUG 24

Mideast in Late Bronze Age

SPICE notes in class; bring both Ethel & Bulliet books

(Pages 60-66, 71-74)


Aegan Study Guide


A History of Ancient Greece



New Kingdom of Egypt

Discussion: The effect of iron technology on the Hittites (1.3, II, B)


AUG 25

Aegean video

(Pages 66-71)


Israel & Phoenicia (Levant) Study Guide (7)

Reading: Ancient Israel, United & Divided Kingdoms; Three Religions; One God; Tyrian Purple; Phoenicians Bulliet text (Pages 74-77), (80-86)


Minoan Civilization

Mycenaean Civilization

Social and gender hierarchy

Expansion (1.3, III, G)


AUG 26

Israel & Phoenicia
(Pages 74-77), (80-86)

Review Shaded boxes in Ethel Woods Ch. 1 & 2, and do practice questions 1-10 in Ethel Woods text


Origins through Torah


Mesopotamian influences


AUG 26

Finish Israel & Phoenicia

Review AP format questions for Quest

Review Guide Online Note: this is through 600 BCE—study unit information which corresponds w/ what we discussed in class/read (ie, no Austroneasians)

Also River Valley notes overview if needed for review online.


Phoenician city-states: Carthage

Expansion of trade (1.3, III, F)


AUG 29

Quest (AP extended quiz/shortened test) 1 (25 questions w/ 7.5 point curve)


Achaemenid Society and Culture

Week 4

OPTIONS: Project: Ancient Civilizations CD or Comic Book

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