Readings in the History of the us in the Civil War: The Emancipation Moment

Week 5.  October 24.  Strength for the Fight - 1

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Week 5.  October 24.  Strength for the Fight - 1


**Book Review Assignments Due**


Joseph T. Glatthaar, Forged in Battle:  The Civil War Alliance of Black Soldiers and White Officers (Free Press, 1991).


Keith P. Wilson, Campfires of Freedom:  The Camp Life of Black Soldiers During the Civil War (Kent State University Press, 2002).



Week 6.  October 31.  Strength for the Fight - 2


**Final Date for Approval of Historiographical Essay Topics**


Bruce Levine, Confederate Emancipation:  Southern Plans to Free and Arm Slaves During the Civil War (Oxford University Press, 2006).


Donald R. Shaffer, After the Glory:  The Struggles of Black Civil War Veterans (University Press of  Kansas, 2004).


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