Readings in the History of the us in the Civil War: The Emancipation Moment

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Books for the course should be borrowed from a library or ordered directly from a bookstore.  Online bookstores, such as, frequently sell new and used copies at very reasonable prices.


Week 1.  September 26.  Organization and Administrative; Historiography


At this initial session, we’ll get acquainted, go over course requirements, and divide up the reading and discussion assignments.  I’ll also make available copies of these two essays to supply historiographical context:


Armstead Robinson, “The Difference Freedom Made:  The Emancipation of Afro-Americans,” with comments by Eric Foner and Nell Irvin Painter, in Darlene Clark Hine, The State of Afro-American History:  Past, Present, and Future. (Louisiana State University Press, 1986), 51-88.


Peter Kolchin, “Slavery and Freedom in the Civil War South,” in James M. McPherson and William J. Cooper, Jr. (eds.), Writing the Civil War:  The Quest to Understand (University of South Carolina Press, 1998), 241-260, 335-347.


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