Readings in the History of the us in the Civil War: The Emancipation Moment

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Readings in the History of the US in the Civil War:
The Emancipation Moment



History 785.03
Prof. Mark Grimsley
330 Dulles Hall



This is a graduate readings course focusing on some of the major literature concerning the “emancipation moment” (1861-1865), with emphasis on recent scholarship.


Office Hours


Tuesdays, 10:30-11:30; and by appointment.




All students must be officially enrolled in the course by the end of the second full week of the quarter.  No requests to add the course will be approved by the department chair after that time.  Enrolling officially and on time is solely the responsibility of each student.




Written Assignments


One 1,200-word book review, written in strict conformance to the standards of a scholarly journal.  The review will consist of a holistic summary of the book=s thesis and argument and an analysis of its strengths, weaknesses, significance, etc. [20 percent]


One 15-page research or historiographical paper on a topic to be mutually agreed upon between the student and instructor. [40 percent]


Papers are due on the date and time specified.  Late papers will be penalized a full letter grade for each day they are overdue.  Barring serious illness or family emergency, no “Incompletes” for the course will be granted.


Class Participation [40 percent]


Each week, two students will be responsible for leading the discussion.  It is expected that they will come prepared with a thorough grasp of the book(s) under review; background information on the author(s); familiarity with the critical reception of the book(s); an ability to relate the book(s) to works already discussed; and two or three provocative, open-ended questions to launch the discussion and a strategy for guiding the discussion in the most fruitful directions.

Please bear in mind that discussion leaders are not expected to present a report to the group, but rather to serve as “resource persons” to strengthen the discussion.  It’s the responsibility of every one in the class to be thoroughly prepared and engaged.


Carmen Learning Platform


In addition to in-class discussion, I encourage you to make use of the online discussion capabilities available on the Carmen learning platform for the course.  (This is also a good place to check on grades and get periodic updates on the course.)  If you have not used Carmen before, you first go to this page -- -- and double-click the blue “Login” button.  You will apply the same OSU user ID and password used to access your OSU email account.  Once logged in, double-clicking on this link --  HISTORY 785.03 (GRIMSLEY) -1 – will take you to the Carmen platform for the course.


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