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Brave New World

reading comprehension questions

Reading section 1 (Due: __________)

Chapter 1

  1. Describe the setting for the opening chapter of Brave New World. In what city and what year does this novel take place?

  2. What is the motto of the World State?

  3. Explain what is happening at the Hatchery and Conditioning Center.

  4. Describe Bokanosvsky’s process.

  5. What are the five castes of the World State?

Reading section 2 (Due: __________)

Chapter 2

  1. What two objects are the babies being conditioned to dislike?

  2. Why does the State condition the masses to dislike the country?

  3. Explain how hypnopaedia works.

  4. What does the child’s mind and, later, the adult’s become?

Chapter 3 – there are three different conversations happening simultaneously. Highlight each conversation in a different color.

  1. What is the requirement for any new games? Why is this so?

  2. How does the State regard marriage?

  3. “Ending is better than mending,” The more stitches, the less riches.” How do these sayings express the economic views of the State?

Reading section 3 (Due: __________)

Chapter 4

  1. Where do Bernard Marx and Lenina Crowe plan to visit?

  2. Explain Bernard Marx’s attitude toward the State.

  3. What is Helmholz Watson’s job?

  4. Explain Watson’s feeling toward the State.

Chapter 5

  1. Compare the recreation and social activities of the lower castes with those of the upper castes.

Reading section 4 (Due: __________)

Chapters 6

  1. Over the stormy water of the English Channel, what desire does Bernard express to Lenina?

  2. The Director (Tomakin) tells Bernard of a visit he made to the New Mexico Indian Reservation twenty years ago. What unusual thing happened there?

Chapter 7

  1. List three conditions Lenina dislikes at the Reservation. How are these conditions contrary to what she has been taught and conditioned?

  2. What is the purpose of the whipping ceremony that Bernard and Lenina witness?

  3. John (“The Savage”) reveals he was born on the Reservation. Who is his father and where is he now?

Chapter 8

  1. Why does Linda suffer dislike and rejection on the Reservation? Why do women especially dislike her?

  2. From what sources has John obtained his education?

  3. What do Bernard and John have in common?

Chapter 9

  1. Explain why Bernard wished to take John and Linda to London.

Reading section 5 (Due: __________)

Chapter 10

  1. Name three faults that the D.H.C. finds with Bernard’s behavior. How does Bernard react to the D.H.C.’s accusations?

  2. How do the workers react to John’s calling the D.H.C “My father”? Why?

Chapter 11

  1. What happens to the D.H.C. after the scene in the Fertilizing Room?

  2. How does Dr. Shaw justify keeping Linda on a soma- holiday even though it will shorter her life?

  3. Explain Bernard’s sudden increased popularity.

  4. Describe the Savage’s reaction to the sight of work being done by single Bokanovsky groups.

  5. Who is Ariel?

  6. The Savage views the factory, saying, “O brave new world that has such people in it.” What are his true feelings about the people? How do you know?

  7. The libraries of the World State contain only reference books. Why is this so?

Reading section 6 (Due: __________)

Chapter 12

  1. Helmoltz, the propaganda writer, and John have become friends. When John reads to him from Romeo and Juliet, Helmoltz bursts into laughter. State three things that amuse him.

  2. Helmoltz calls Shakespeare a “marvelous propaganda technician.” How does he explain Shakespeare’s success.

Chapter 13

  1. Explain the essential difference in the natures of John and Lenina.

Reading section 7 (Due: __________)

Chapter 14

  1. Explain the purpose and method of death conditioning.

Chapter 15

  1. Describe John’s actions at the hospital.

  2. How do the people react to what John does?

  3. Describe the actions taken by the World State Police.

Chapter 16

  1. Give three reasons why Shakespeare is prohibited in the World State.

  2. How does Mustapha Mond say he paid for being too much interested in the truth?

Reading section 8 (Due: __________)

Chapter 17

  1. What two things does the Savage (John) say that the people have sacrificed for their happiness?

  2. What third sacrifice does the Controller add?

  3. What does the Controller call “Christianity without tears”? Explain.

  4. The Savage claims the “right to be unhappy.” Explain this statement. Include some of the specific unhappiness that he is saying are his right.

Chapter 18

  1. After Bernard and Helmoltz are exiled, the Savage runs away to be alone. Relate the conclusion of the novel in 6-8 sentences.

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