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HIEU 3442 (continued)
Lost in Siberia (Zateryanyyi v Sibiri) (English geologist in the gulag ca. 1945).

East/West (misery and terror in USSR, ca. 1946).

The Inner Circle (Solzhenitsyn’s account of Gulag––not identical to assigned film).

Eternal Memory. Voices from the Great Terror (documentary on Soviet camps).

Judgment at Nuremberg (the War Crimes Trials: a Manichean view).

The Search (Fred Zinnemann tearjerker on 9-year old DP and American GI).

The Third Man (Vienna under Four-Power occupation).

Berlin Express (heroic Americans battle underground Nazis in 1948).

A Foreign Affair (Billy Wilder on U.S. occupation of Germany).

The Nasty Girl (postwar Germans decline to remember).

The Long Way Home (Documentary: Jewish refugees between DP camps and Israel).

Exodus (aftermath of the Holocaust, Hollywood style).

Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust (Daniel Anker documentary on Hollywood treatment of topic, 1933-present).

Mémoires d'immigrés (Yamina Benguigi on North African immigrants to France).

The Battle of Algiers (Bloody decolonization: 2004 3-disk remake includes historical special features).

The Lives of Others [Das Leben der Anderen] (Stasi spying in East Germany).

Note: The lecturer assumes that students will have read the relevant written assignments before each lecture. The lectures complement, rather than rehearse, the readings. The lectures also cover some material on which detailed readings are not assigned owing to limits of time. You will therefore understand the architecture of the lectures more easily if you have done the reading ahead of time. Introductory lectures on the nineteenth-century background will spill over into Week II and allow you to get ahead with reading assignments. Readings in Weeks V and VI are minimal so that you can get started on the term paper.

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