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HIEU 3442 (continued)
The Counterfeit Traitor (the ambiguities of neutrality).

Conspiracy (HBO docudrama on Wannsee Conference).

Swastika (Hitler’s ordinary private life, shown through home movies)

Hotel Terminus (life and times of Klaus Barbie in Lyon).

Jud Süss (anti-Semitic propaganda, courtesy of Joseph Goebbels).

Baptism of Fire (Goebbels again: valiant Nazis defeat Polish aggression).

Stalag 17 (Hollywood Americans outwit cardboard-cutout German guards).

Prisoner of Paradise (Jewish movie director ends up in Theresienstadt).

Heimat (longitudinal account of life under the Third Reich).

Eine Liebe in Deutschland (tragic love between Hausfrau and Polish POW).

Twin Sisters (De Tweeling) (twins, brought up in Nazi Germany and the Netherlands, separated by politics, war, and misunderstanding).

Shanghai Ghetto (German Jews find a strange refuge: documentary)

Desperate Hours (Jewish refugees in Turkey).

Gloomy Sunday (venality of the Final Solution in Budapest).

Kapo (Gillo Pontecorvo imagines a Nazi concentration camp for women).

Open City (Rossellini on Rome under Nazi occupation).

Casablanca (Bogart and Bergman take a stand in Vichy-ruled North Africa).

The Dam Busters (RAF Bomber Command attacks the Ruhr).

The Train (French Resistance foils despoliation of art treasures).

The Longest Day (D-Day "docudrama").

The Colditz Story (British POW officers keeping a stiff upper lip).

Kanal (tragedy of Polish Home Army uprising in 1944).

Come and See (Soviet film on Nazi genocide in Belarus)

Before the Fall [Napola] (Pseudo-Darwinian brutality of Nazi elite youth training school).

Die Brücke (Hitlerjugend sacrifice themselves for nothing in 1945).

Downfall (In Hitler's bunker: last days of the Third Reich)

Schindler's List (The Final Solution, fictionalized by Hollywood).

Au revoir les enfants (The Catholic church resists: Vichy France through a child's eyes).

Une affaire des femmes (Chabrol on abortion in Vichy France).

L'Oeil de Vichy [The Eye of Vichy] (Chabrol collates Vichy newsreels).

A Love to Hide (Nazis and collaborators menace homosexuals and Jews in Vichy France)

Indigènes [Days of Glory] (North Africans in wartime French army).

Night and Fog (Resnais on deportation of French Jews).

Shoah (Claude Lanzmann's lengthy study of Holocaust survivors).

Divided We Fall (Czech semi-accommodation to Nazi occupation)

Churchill (Lucy Carter/Carlton TV version of his biography).

Paisan (Rossellini on U.S. liberation of Italy).

Germania, anno zero (Rossellini on desperation in Berlin after defeat).

The Bicycle Thief (hardship and dislocation in postwar Italy).

Europe 61 (Communist slant on postwar Italy).

Umberto D (postwar Italian inflation).

Bitter Rice (problems of demobilization in Italy).

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