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HIEU 3442 (continued)
[Most films listed below are available in Clemons Library or the Media Center, either on video or DVD. The others can generally be located at Sneak Reviews, 2244 Ivy Road, Charlottesville 22903, tel. 979-4420. A considerable number are now streamed by Netflix and/or Amazon.]
Fifty-Five Days at Peking (Western imperialism in China).

The Four Feathers (Imperialist courage: British troops battle the Mahdi in the Sudan).

Zulu (100 Welsh troops with “tools of empire” hold off 4,000 Zulu warriors in 1879).

Maurice (E.M. Forster on upper-class homosexual life in Edwardian England).

A Passage to India (David Lean adapts Forster’s attack on British colonialism in India).

The Winslow Boy (notions of honor in middle-class Edwardian England).

The End of St. Petersburg (Vsevold Pudovkin's 'Konets Sankt-Petersburga').

The Battleship 'Potemkin' (more Bolshevik heroism by Sergei Eisenstein).

October (Sergei Eisenstein's 'Oktyabr').

Three Songs about Lenin (tri pesni o Lenine) (Vertov’s 1934 ode to the Maximum Leader)

A Farewell to Arms (love on the Italian front in WWI: the Hemingway version).

The Paths of Glory (wrongful court-martial in World War I).

Der Golem (Paul Wegener's 1920 film of Shtetl life).

How Green was My Valley (declining Welsh coal-mining town between the wars).

This Happy Breed (Noel Coward on middle-class British family life in 1930s)

Architecture of Doom (Hitler's use of arts and architecture).

The Remains of the Day (Appeasement by the Cliveden set in England).

Triple Agent (Bolshevik penetration of France in the Popular Front era)

Foreign Correspondent (Hitchcock imagines the outbreak of World War II).

Baptism of Fire (Nazi war machine rolls through Poland).

Bon voyage (the flight to Bordeaux, 1940).

The Boat is Full (Swiss decline to admit refugees from Hitlerism).

Nowhere in Africa (German-Jewish refugees have trouble adjusting to exile).

Into the Arms of Strangers (documentary on child refugees in England)

Mrs. Miniver (English town bears up under the Blitz in 1940).

The Battle of Britain (the 1969 Michael Caine version).

In Which We Serve (Noël Coward 1942 propaganda film exaggerating Royal Navy heroics)

Dark Blue World (refugee Czech pilots in Royal Air Force)

Twelve O'Clock High (daylight bombing over Germany).

Das Boot (Nazi submarine life).

Stalingrad (The World at War documentary, with Laurence Olivier).

Partisans: She Defends the Motherland (Soviet agitprop).

Rosenstrasse (Aryan wives protest arrest of Jewish husbands, Berlin 1943).

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