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HIEU 3442 (Optional enhancements continued)

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HIEU 3442 (Optional enhancements continued)
Richard Pipes, A Concise History of the Russian Revolution

Anne Applebaum, Gulag: A History.

Orlando Figes, The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia.

Richard Crossman, ed., The God that Failed

Stephen A. Schuker, The End of French Predominance in Europe

Stephen A. Schuker, American "Reparations" to Germany, 1919-33

Charles S. Maier, Recasting Bourgeois Europe: Stabilization in France, Germany, and Italy in the Decade after World War I.

Barry Eichengreen, Golden Fetters

Charles P. Kindleberger, The World in Depression, 1929-1939

A. J. P. Taylor, English History, 1914-1945

Robert Young, In Command of France, 1933-1940

Eugen Weber, The Hollow Years.

Ian Kershaw, Popular Opinion and Political Dissent in the Third Reich

Denis Mack Smith, Mussolini

Gabriel Jackson, The Spanish Republic and the Civil War, 1931-1939

George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia

George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London

A. J. P. Taylor, The Origins of the Second World War

Marc Bloch, Strange Defeat

Julian Jackson, The Fall of France: The Nazi Invasion of 1940.

Julian Jackson, France: The Dark Years, 1940-1944.

Lion Feuchtwanger, The Devil in France: My Encounter with him in the Summer of 1940

Henri Michel, The Shadow War

Christopher Browning, The Path to Genocide: Essays on Launching the Final Solution.

Lucy Dawidowicz, The War against the Jews

Friedländer, Saul, The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945.

Hermann Langbehn, Against all Hope: Resistance in the Nazi Concentration Camps, 1938-1945

Samuel P. Oliner and Pearl M. Oliner, The Altruistic Personality: Rescuers of Jews in Nazi Europe.

Gordon Wright, The Ordeal of Total War, 1939-1945

Peter Calvocoressi and Guy Wint, Total War: Causes and Courses of the Second World War.

Richard Overy, Why the Allies Won.

Gerhard Weinberg, A World at Arms, 1939-1945

Charles Maier, ed., The Cold War in Europe: Era of a Divided Continent.

Marc Trachtenberg, A Constructed Peace: The Making of the European Settlement, 1945-1963.

John Gillingham, Coal, Steel, and the Rebirth of Europe, 1945-1955.

Michael Hogan, The Marshall Plan.

Correlli Barnett, The Lost Victory: British Dreams, British Realities, 1945-1950.

Richard Kuisel, Seducing the French: The Dilemma of Americanization.

Tony Judt, Past Imperfect: French Intellectuals, 1944-1956.

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