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Chapter 20 – Canada in the Twenty-First Century: Identity, Issue, and Decisions

Reading Guide/Questions

A Final Reflection: In 1900 Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier proclaimed the twentieth century to be “Canada’s century.” Industrious Canadians moved toward that promise by transforming Canada into a principal power now recognized internationally as the “best country.” Will the twenty-first century truly be Canada’s century or will it see Canada’s demise?

Canadian Identity (Chapter 20, pp. 368 – 382)

  1. What is Canadian cultural identity? Give examples:

    1. Land of immigrants

    2. Industrious, resource-rich land

    3. Inventive problem solvers

    4. Social welfare state

    5. Close to but not quite Americans

    6. Law-abiding and polite

    7. World-class peacekeepers

    8. World-class athletes

    9. World-class artists

    10. Best country in the world to live (1990’s)

Canada Faces the Future (Chapter 20, pp.383-397)

  1. Immigration & Canada’s Multicultural Future – Background

  1. Describe 20th century immigration and cultural diversity.

  2. What has happened since 1980’s with the treatment of “visible minorities”?

  3. What are some fears of the various cultures?

  4. What is the effect of economic slowdowns on immigration?

  5. What action has the government taken since the 1970’s in the area of multiculturalism?

  6. What are future challenges in immigration and multiculturalism? (see p.384 and 385 for conflicting viewpoints on immigration and refugees)

  1. Women’s movement & Gender Equality – Background

  1. Describe the rights achieved in the First Wave and Second Wave.

  2. What have been some of the backlash of these achievements?

  3. What are the future issues?

  1. Aboriginal Rights and Land Claims

  1. Outline since the 1950’s the government’s actions and aboriginal responses/success.

  • Activists, Assembly of First Nations, Aboriginal Rights, Land claims, Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  1. Importance of the Charlottetown Accord. Outcome?

  2. Issues facing Canada in the 21st century?

  1. Economic Issues in Canada’s future

  1. Issues surrounding the National Debt up year 2000. Since 2008?

  2. How to deal with regional diversity and future challenges?

  3. How does Canada compete in the Global economy?

  4. What are questions that face Canada in the 21st century?

  1. Keeping Canada Together

  1. What are the concerns/questions that Canada faces for unity?

  2. What has been the legacy of Canada’s national identity?

  3. What are the concerns for the 21st century?

  4. What has been the issues surrounding Canadian-American relations?

  5. What have been the issues surrounding French-English relations?

  1. Canada in the Global Community?

  1. What has been Canada’s role in the second half of the 20th century?

  2. What has been Canada’s military role? What are some questions and issues regarding Canada’s role in the 21st century?

  3. What has been the role and what are the future issues and concerns in technology and the internet?

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