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The American Pageant Chapter 4 Reading Guide


Indentured servants

Headright system

Bacon’s Rebellion

Royal African Company

Middle Passage

New York slave revolt

South Carolina slave revolt (Stono River)

Congregational Church


Half-Way Covenant

Salem witch trials

Leisler’s Rebellion
Reading Questions

1. Describe life in the Chesapeake colonies during the seventeenth century.

2. Describe the expansion of tobacco production in the Chesapeake colonies.

3. What labor source worked the tobacco plantations during most of the seventeenth century, and why were they the preferred source at that point?

4. Describe the headright system, and explain the life of an indentured servant in the new Chesapeake settlements.

5. What factors lead to Bacon’s Rebellion? What is the major effect of Bacon’s Rebellion?

6. Describe the expansion of slavery in the American colonies from 1619 to 1750.

7. How did laws distinguish between slave and servant in the American colonies?

8. Contrast the life of a slave in the deep South and the Chesapeake colonies.

9. Using the section Africans in America as well as the pages “From African to African American,” describe the evolution of African American culture and religion in the American colonies.

10. Describe the hierarchy found in the Southern social structure.

11. How was life in New England different from life in the Chesapeake colonies?

12. Describe the family structure and life that could be found in New England during the early colonial period.
13. What was life like for women in the New England colonies? (Be sure to look at all aspects of life.)

14. Describe the typical New England town.

15. In what ways do we see the importance of education in Puritan life?

16. What is the Half-Way Covenant, and why is it so important to the evolution of the Puritan congregations?

17. How did the Salem witch trials show turmoil in social and religious conditions in Massachusetts?

18. The text says “just as the land shaped New Englanders, so they shaped the land.” How did New Englanders use the land, and in what ways did their commerce differ from the South?

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