Reading Guide Vocabulary Freedmen’s Bureau "10 percent" Reconstruction plan

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The American Pageant Chapter 22 Reading Guide

Freedmen’s Bureau

“10 percent” Reconstruction plan

Wade-Davis Bill

Black Codes

Pacific Railroad Act

Civil Rights Bill

Fourteenth Amendment

Reconstruction Act

Fifteenth Amendment

Ex parte Milligan


Woman’s Loyal League

Union League



Ku Klux Klan

Force Acts

Tenure of Office Act

Seward’s Folly

Reading Questions

  1. What happens to Jefferson Davis once the war is over?

  2. What have the effects of the Civil War been on the South?

  3. How do the freedmen respond to their new liberty after the Civil War?

  4. Who were the “Exodusters” and what did they do?

  5. Explain how religion and education expanded for the freedmen after the Civil War.

  6. What was the goal of the Freedmen’s Bureau? What was its greatest success?

  7. Explain the differences between Lincoln’s “10 percent” Reconstruction plan and Congress’ Wade-Davis Bill.

  8. What are the two factions emerging in the Republican party at the end of the Civil War, and how do they differ?

  9. When Johnson becomes president, he quickly recognized several of Lincoln’s 10 percent government. What were the requirements for Southern states under Johnson’s Reconstruction proclamation?

  10. Describe the “Black Codes” that appear in the South following the Civil War. (Give specific examples.)

  11. Why were Republicans so upset with the representatives of the Southern states readmitted under the 10 percent plan?

  12. How had Southern political power actually increased as a result of the Civil War and 13th Amendment?

  13. What did the Civil Rights Bill of 1866 do for the newly freed slaves? How does President Johnson respond to the bill’s passage by Republicans?

  14. What does the 14th Amendment to the Constitution do? (4 provisions)

  15. What is Johnson’s “swing round the circle,” and how does it fail in the Congressional elections of 1866?

  16. Who were the leaders of the Republicans in the House and Senate after the elections of 1866?

  17. March 2, 1867, Congress passes the Reconstruction act (Military Reconstruction). Explain the different parts of this act.

  18. To make sure that freedmen get the right to vote, what amendment to the Constitution is passed by Congress in 1869 and ratified by the states in 1870?

  19. What did the Supreme Court rule in Ex parte Milligan?

  20. What is meant by the term “Redeemers” in Southern governments?

  21. Why did the Fifteenth Amendment upset women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony?

  22. How did the Union League help organize black men in the South?

  23. What kind of political power do blacks in the South gain after the passing of the 15th Amendment?

  24. Explain the terms “carpetbagger” and “scalawag.”

  25. What were the positives and negatives of the Radical Reconstruction governments in the South?

  26. How did the Ku Klux Klan spread terror in the South in response to blacks gaining power and the Radical governments.

  27. How did the Force Acts passed in 1870 and 1871 respond to the KKK?

  28. How did Congress use the Tenure of Office Act to try and trap Johnson?

  29. How do the impeachment proceedings against Johnson go in the House and the Senate?

  30. Explain the importance of “Seward’s Folly” in 1867.

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