Read "Journey Back in Time to Ancient Rome"

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Read “Journey Back in Time to Ancient Rome”

Click on “The Task” and read The Task
Click on “Background Information”: Then click on “Rome: A New Power Rises”

Write down 5 facts as a group from this web page

Pick one person in your group to research Roman children, one person to research Roman history and one person to research Roman government.

Parvulus (child)

Click on “Parvulus (child)

Click on “School in Ancient Rome”

Answer these questions:

  • What was the main goal of education in ancient Rome?

  • What did the Roman students use to do their math problems?

  • Did the kids of poor families go to school? Why or why not?

Click on “Toys in Ancient Rome”

Answer these questions:

  • How did the games in Ancient Rome compare with some games that you play today?

  • How did play time for poor families differ from wealthy families?

  • Do you play with the same animals that the Ancient Romans did?

Click on “The Romans: Families and Children”

Answer these questions:

  • As a Roman child, would you prefer to be a boy or a girl? Why?

  • What were Roman primary (elementary) schools called?

  • What subjects did the boys learn in primary school? Are these subjects that you learn about in your school?

Click on Historian

Click on “Daily Life in Rome”

  • Would you like to live in the houses of Ancient Rome? Why or why not?

  • What are some differences between the Roman lifestyle and today's lifestyle? How is your school different from or similar to the children's education that is discussed here?

  • Read the section about how Romans spent their leisure time. Do you notice any differences between how Romans spent their free time and how you spend yours? Do you approve of how they spent their free time?

Click on “Romans: Leisure”

  • What are some of the things Romans did for fun?

  • What did Romans see when they went to the Ampitheater?

  • What are some things that are the same between Ancient Rome and our lives today? What are some things that are different?

Click on “Roman Geography”

  • Where is Rome located?

  • Where did most Romans live?

  • What is a forum

Click on Senator

Click on “Romans: The City of Rome”

  • Name all the different ways in which Rome was ruled.

  • How were senators elected? Who could and could not vote in these elections?

  • When Rome became an empire, who was the leader? Were there still senators?

Click on “Government in Rome”

  • Why did the Romans want to have an Emperor?

  • What are the three branches of government? Which one is the most powerful part of the legislative branch?

  • Were women allowed to vote in Ancient Rome? Are they allowed to vote today? Do you think the laws about voting should be like the Ancient Roman times, or do you agree with today's laws? Why or why not?

  • How do you think an American woman from today would feel if she had to live back in Ancient Roman times?

Click on “Emperors of the Roman Empire”

  • Who was the first Roman emperor?

  • How did Caligula die?

  • Which emperor might have started a fire in Rome that destroyed almost one-half of the city?

Download 45.5 Kb.

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