React with protest label + distro newslist 11/2002

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Monday, November 18, 2002 1:32 PM

hello. just a newslist up here on this webpage. but the newslist is 100% up to date.

we are still working on the react-distro website but of course you can order records

now if you like!

just drop us a line: or use the form mail on the label

page. thank you!
[ NEWSLIST 11/2002 ]


* la quiete - joy division rip off t-shirt 8,00

* the apoplexy twist orchestra button [face or hand] 0,50

* louise cyphre yellow on red t-shirt 8,00

* react with protest button [kinski] 0,50

* la quiete button 0,50

* raein button [cd cover] 0,50

* agathocoles / ulcerrhoea split tape 2,50

* disarm / migra violenta split [one man grind mayhem vs emoviolent crust] 2,50

* katyn demo tape [metalic screamo / emo from south germany, very nice packaged, includes button!] 2,60

* v/a the jhai alai [great emoviolence from malaysia] 2,50

* action porn - industry of the indutries [crazy san diego punk rock like swingkids meets born against] 3,80

* agathocles / mitten spider split [a: as good as always, fast grindcore from these veterans.

m.s: could be cool with a better recording.......] 3,00

* altro [nice booklet;political emo-punk from italy] 2,80

HOT* arsen . aka könig der monster - black sunday 2,80

* black cat 13 - casino steele 3,20

* blindspot a.d. - pain is not the cleanser [furious fusion between chaos and grindcore] 2,60

* born dead icons - modern plague [dark and crusty punk that sounds like a mix between

depressive motorhead and his hero is gone :)] 3,00

* calling gina clark - 5inch [technical discordant metalgrind mayhem from this nice trio] 3,50

* capitalist casualities / stack split

* chispa - obstinator [us press on bloodlink records with a great bonus track. 5 songs of raging discordant

hardcore with screamed vocals] 3,00

* chokehold - instilled [5 tracks of the best se band ever] 3,50

* crucify yourself / full blader split [full speed thrash attack with some melodical riffs from crucify yourself;

full blader melodic brutal hardcore crust .. comes in blood colored layout :)] 3,00

HOT* danse macabre - die kritik ist keine leidenschaft... 2,60

* dead for a minute / desiderata split [chaotic metal hardcore ] 2,80

* dead in the water [dark melancholic hardcore that reminds a bit of neurosis ] 3,20

* diallo - diagram of a scam [brutal drivin grind/crust attack. sounds a lot like from ashes rise but even better

and more aggressive! brutal recording as well] 2,80

* disarm / obbrobrio [one man grind storm vs sicko keyboard thrash] 2,80

* disarm / migara violenta [ m.v. emoviolent thrash] 2,80

* disarm / h407 2,80

* electrosleep international [chaosrock with keyboard background that reminds sometimes of crimson curse

or festival of dead deer] 3,80

* [the] flying worker / 7 feet 4 split [great french emotional chaos violence from t.f.w. ] 3,20

* glass candy and the shattered theatre - love on a plate [euro press of this 80's wave punk band] 3,20

* godstomper / entrails massacre 2,80

* godstomper / he who corrupts 2,80

* green beret/mocovy khameni spit [green beret with fast keyboard violence and m.k crustviolence] 2,80

* in despair / attitude split [fast thrash punk and melodic punk rock] 2,80

* flying enterprise [emo-drivin punk rock. comes in a gatefold cover!] 3,20

* [the] kinetic crash cooperation/ the jam session split [3 pure hellpunk chaotic grind rock bastards from the

crash kidz; the jam session with fast dirty punk thrash includes keyboard violence. one song is a melodic

industrial remix] 3,50

* kinjite [rockin chaotic and angry hardcore , early per koro style ] 2,80

* kungfu rick 2,80

* la quiete / acrimonie split [one of the best emo-violent bands of today, la quiete, shares this split with the

french metallic grinders acrimonie] 2,80

* lovesongcompany [keyboard emoviolence, good produciton!] 3,20

* my own lies / wilbur cobb split 5inch [2x fastcore from germany] 2,80

* nasum/ abstain split [8 brutal grind smasher from nasum ; 3 metal grind songs from abstain] 3,20

* no somos nada [fast thrash violence with femal singer, perhaps a bit like early combat w.v.] 3,00

* ochre [black sabbat influenced thrash grind] 3,20

* ohuzaru - thrash is buisness 5inch[limited edition of 40! highspeed thrash that reminds a bit of

charles bronson!] 3,20

* parades end /sky falls down [p.e. emotional depressive hardcore with a lot of energy, s.f.d. more

punk rock less depressive but also emotional hardcore] 3,50

* policy of three 3,50

* portrait - same 3,50

* potomac do 7inch [agressive emotinal hardcore like loxiran] 5,60

* see you in hell [metallic pld school hardcore with evil vocals and doublebass attacks] 2,80

* seein red / 400 years split 3,20

* seein red / vuur split [i dont really need to say something about seein red ... over 40 records and still fast

as hell and pissed political thrash punk. vuur is givin us an evil metallic mayhem like a mix between stack and systral] 3,20

* severed head of state [another band with his hero is gone people doin his hero is gone music :) ] 3,20

* soon the darkness - cut through the ... [spastic rockin hardcore with strange voice] 3,20

* tempers rise - my bout with depression ... 2,80

* this machine kills / jr ewing split 3,20

* to the ansaphone 3,00

* to what end - history repeats itself [great swe crust with male/female vocals and great melodic riffs ---

sounds like a rough version of his hero is gone with different vocals.with members of wolfbrigade and burning kitchen] 3,00

* v/a the shameless kiss of vanity [t.avenging disco godfathers of soul and the jam session pay tribute to the cure] 3,20

* zann 3,00

* zann / 244 gl 3,20

* born dead icons - new scream industry 7,00

* cloudburst/acrimonie split [c: metalmayhem with melodic riffing and doublebass , a: metal hardcore] 7,00

* contrasto / roid split [political old school hardcore from italy] 6,50

* cwill [dark political hardcore from austria] 6,50

* dead for a minute [spastic metal hell. screamed vocals. fat production. perhaps a mix between botch and dillinger escape plan] 6,50

* dead end [emotive drivin hardcore from the uk. good production, great layout] 7,50

* götz george - zurück zur basis [rocking strangecore violence with keyboard] 6,50

* hippies of today [brutal grind core from france ] 6,50

* shikari - robot wars 7,50

* shikari/ seein red split [the new shikari recordings blast as hell , brutal uranus influenced mayhem.

seein red are as good as always] 7,50

* wadge [one man terror grind army] 6,50

* your halo is a radar 6,50

NEW* zeroid - 2002 6,50

*absidia / six reasons to kill split [absidia with their best songs so far... good melodic metal mayhem like

at the gates meets suicide nation?! six reasons to kill are ex gomorrha members doin a heavy metal core trip with evil vocals ] 7,50

*ananda - profane [crazy mosh metal from france that could also be released on hydra head] 7,00

*bombstrike - kaos och .... [brutal crust from sweden, fat produciton] 7,00

*cathode - a machine that .. [brutal mix between catharsis and gehenna ] 8,00

*children of fall - ignition for poor hearts [emotive passionated hardcore from this political motivated swedish people] 7,50

*colt - marek

*complete - adjusting ... [melodic newschool rock ala botch , from denmark] 7,50

*creation is crucifixion - in silico [remastered euro pressing of this tech.metal monster] 6,50

*dead seraphim / montcalm split [ few !!] 8,00

*endwise - hacienda gatefold [melodic indie pop] 5,00

*fostella ford - dismal state.. [technical emotinal and passionated hardcore] 7,50

*petrograd - abc [pop punk rock. benefit for the anarchist black cross]

*phobia / plutocracy split 7,50

*programm c - karen [chaotic powerviolence with a metal edge and alot of mosh] 7,00

*mörser - 1000 bad guys [second full lengt from the kings of grind metal ] 7,50

* [the] public - another day in paradise [fastcore from the cz] 7,50

*relief / treadmill split [two emo-pop bands on hometown caravan records] 7,00

*timebomb - the beat is...[political pop-punk, funny the incarnation from evil death mosh to pop!?] 7,50

*the apoplexy twist orchestra / the kinetic crash cooperation split [tato: fast scremoviolence meets

canada inluence. tkcc: chaosgrindrock with guitareffects!] 6,50

*third world planet [good crusty punk ] 6,50

*v/a amnesia [older ebullition compilation with 3 studies for a crucifixion, inhumanity, wellingtion, scout,

failure face, ordaination of aaron and more .... fat booklet] 8,00

*v/a about life in a dead world [screamo/grind/punk compilation with cheerleaders of the apocalypse,

kate mosh , junes tragic drive, louise cyphre, gango lengo, houses in texas, the kinetic crash cooperation, the apoplexy twist orchestra

and hatemate] 6,50

*v/a and they had tears in their eyes [bands: the break quintett, jr.ewing, saddest day, kids like us, the mile markers, my hero died

today and more....] 6,50

*v/a lucky thirteen [compilation with envy, jr. ewing, kaospilot, a. woodward, iscariote and more] 7,50

*v/a sturm and drang [sturm und drang stands for youth that wont let the establishment dictate them what to do, but resist!" 4x dutch

power hardcore: betercore, soberresponse, point of few and office killer] 6,50

* costas cake house 3,5 mcd [fast metallic hardcore , comes in a dvd box] 7,50

* darwin / in hte shade of tomorrow / dawn of awekening [3 way melodic metal split] 8,00

* encyclopedia of american traitors - discography cd 7,50
NEW* g77 - digipack cd [dark and emotional hardcore like his hero is gone meets french emo/screamo hardcore. fat production and nice layout] 8,00

* in ruins of [melodic, dark and rocking punk/ hardcore] 8,00

* raein mcd [italian emoviolence with la quiete members] 6,50

* the carnival of dark split - focus [great japanese ebullition like chaotic emo] 8,00

* the death of anna karina [sounds like songs of z. meets chotic emoviolence] 8,00

* tristan tzara [very melodic chaotic screamo with members of lobra khan and louise cyphre] 7,50

* v/a firework anatomy [with grade, rydell, hillside, hunter gatherer, casket lottery, speedwell, penfold,

crosstide, san geronimo, red animal war and more 20 tracks] 8,00

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