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Currnet rhetoric means that Congress will get riled up to China bash if Romeny wins– spirals out of control and collapses relations

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Currnet rhetoric means that Congress will get riled up to China bash if Romeny wins– spirals out of control and collapses relations

WSJ 11 “Romney's China Blunder,” Sept 17, http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111904836104576558090193802586.html

If Mr. Romney is elected, he would quickly realize the complications of carrying out his threat to designate China a currency manipulator. Mr. Romney seems to think that this would be little more than a discreet event, that the U.S. could impose narrow "countervailing duties" and that China would soon bend. But once a U.S. President starts whipping up trade furies, it's hard to predict how the story ends. Congress already has a bipartisan lineup pressing to impose 25% tariffs on all Chinese goods. Because every Administration also needs Beijing's support on a range of global issues, candidate Romney would be wiser to promise to pressure China to speed up its financial reform and pledging American help to make the process easier. Mr. Romney's China foray also contradicts the otherwise free-trade bent of his new jobs plan. His idea for a "Reagan economic zone" of developed countries committed to promoting trade in services and protecting intellectual property is worth discussing. As the benefits of such a zone became clear, it could serve as an incentive for developing countries like China and India to lower barriers that they have clung to during the WTO's decade-long Doha Round negotiations.¶ We hope that the other Republican candidates will follow Mr. Huntsman's lead and repudiate Mr. Romney's China blunder. Especially in bad economic times, American lawmakers from both parties will happily turn protectionist if they think a President won't resist and make them pay a political price. The easiest path for Congressmen is always to vote for special or regional interests. Serious Presidential candidates have to protect the national interest.

It’s not just campaign rhetoric – Romney will take action

The Atlantic 12 "The Risks of Romney's Anti-China Rhetoric,” 2/21, http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2012/02/the-risks-of-romneys-anti-china-rhetoric/253362/

The business community for decades has watched presidential contenders routinely use free trade with China as a political punching bag, only to preserve the same policies once in office. But Romney's campaign is giving them pause. According to one Washington lobbyist who works on U.S.-China relations, and who requested anonymity in order to speak candidly, Romney's continued hammering on the issue -- he has mentioned it frequently for months -- has raised concern among private industry leaders that this is more than rhetoric. "He has clearly staked out a position," said the lobbyist, who backed Romney in 2008.

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