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Mailing address Office address

P. O. Box 11680 Department of English

Conway, AR 72034-0029 U of Central Arkansas

(501) 327-0966 Conway, AR 72035

(501) 450-5130
* Ph.D. in English (1983) Purdue U, West Lafayette, IN

* M.A. in English (1975) Purdue U, West Lafayette, IN

* B.A. in French (1973) Marist C, Poughkeepsie, NY
* English Renaissance Culture (in particular Donne, Milton)

* The Bible’s Influence on Literary Culture

* Gay “Genealogies of Transformation”

* Asian drama; Indian literature in English

* Literature Pedagogy
* Professor (1998-pres.), Associate Professor (1991-98), Assistant Professor (1989-91), Dept. of English, U of Central Arkansas

* Instructor, Dept. of English, U of Tennessee, Knoxville (1983-85, 1987-89)

* Instructor, Dept. of English, Harpeth Hall School, Nashville, TN (1985-87)
Courses taught (** denotes dual or graduate level):
* Dept. of English: Freshman Writing I and II; American Literature I and II; British Literature I and II; World Literature I and II; Introduction to Drama; Introduction to Poetry; Asian Literature in Translation; Asian Drama; Japanese Novel; Indian Novel and Film; Religion, Literature and Art; James Baldwin; Ginsberg and Buddhism; Modern Novel; AIDS and American Drama and Film; **Bible as Literature; **Tudor Renaissance; **Shakespeare; **Tudor-Stuart Drama; **Seventeenth Century British Literature; **Milton; **English Drama 1660 to Present; **Twentieth-Century American Drama; **D. H. Lawrence; **Tennessee Williams; **Research Methods in English; **Seminar: “Marlowe and Otherness”; **Seminar: “Edmund Spenser and the Fashioning of an Elizabethan Literary Career”; **Seminar: “Emily Dickinson, Sir Thomas Browne, and the Book of Revelation”; **Seminar: “Renaissance Libertinism and the Subversion of Rationalism: Marlowe, Donne, and Rochester”; **Seminar: “Bible in English Renaissance Culture: Spenser, Donne, and Bunyan”

* Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies: World Religions; Jewish Bible

* Dept. of Foreign Languages: Russian Cultural Traditions; Asian Cultural Traditions

* Honors College: AIDS and Cultural Renewal

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